My Current Pregnancy Faves!

I have been waiting to write the blog post to you for months!! So excited we can finally chit chat about my favorite pregnancy must-haves that truly have been a LIFE SAVER for Mamma over here.

Whether you just found out you are expecting your little or your months on end like myself, these 3 products I am sharing today are an absolute MUST for you!! Let’s get to it!

  • Jenni’s Pregnancy Must-Have #1: BLANQI

    • When you think your legging and pregnancy game is strong and then you are introduce to BLANQI….. your socks get ROCKED OFF! I actually have three amazing products from BLANQI that we will be going over today and if you can, I highly recommend snagging all of them!

      • MATERNITY BELLY SUPPORT LEGGINGS: Effortless, supportive, comfortable, not see through, and breathable fabric… I literally never want to get out of these beauties! I wear them working out, to work, and around the house and still can’t get enough. The patented design is FAB. Seriously ladies. Get on it.

      • MATERNITY BELLY SUPPORT TANKTOP: When Mama’s got a belly growing with babe, this tank is A. MUST. Seriously a pregnancy game changer with the support and comfort. Again, I wear this beauty (in black) to workout in and under many tops to work. SO versatile!

      • MATERNITY BUILT-IN SUPPORT BELLYBAND: I actually have never experienced a support bellyband until this beauty arrived at our door step. From the second I tried the band on, I fell in LOVE! The support is absolutely amazing and fashionably speaking, I am still able to wear my pre-prego clothes with this band on underneath to ensure no belly shirts

  • Jenni’s Pregnancy Must-Have #2: PregPrep Nausea Relief

    • Let me just get raw with you real fast. The nausea and vomiting that has decided to accompany my pregnancy this time around has been somewhat kicking my butt. Although I knew it was and is common for many women, when it hits you for the first time (going strong 16 weeks #hugme), it is a definite eye opener. PregPrep’s Nausea Relief IS LIFE for me right now.

      • First, tastes AMAZING.

      • Second, SUPER AFFORDABLE (Um, hello $15.99!)

      • Third, packed full of amazing ingredients to help with the unpleasant experience of nausea! Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, and Ginger Root all make an appearance, mixed with lemon it literally is a dream come true. The blend is super easy, gals. I just throw a packet in my purse (they’re powder) and mix with water as needed. PS, who doesn’t love a product that is Doctor formulated! Am I right, or am I right?!

  • Jenni’s Pregnancy Must-Have #3: Pregnancy Pillow

    • This find has been an absolute lifesaver! I ordered the Gray Minky Body Pillow and it is to die for! The color is absolutely gorgeous and the texture is so soft, even our labs try to sneak a cuddle!

      • The Pregnancy Pillow offers full belly and head support, has a hidden zipper (no night time snags!), a removable pillow case and amazingly wide and long to ensure the best comfort and ZEN. Ladies, I sleep like a baby with this pillow and have even found my husband sneaking a corner GO GET ONE, NOW!

So far, these are my absolute must-haves and I am 4 months in! You will absolutely LOVE each product and I highly recommend you experience them for yourself! As a general disclaimer, I did receive product and no compensation (FTC DISCLAIMER), however all opinions and experiences are my own.

ENJOY, Mamas and thank you to BLANQI, PregPrep, and My Pregnancy Pillow!!

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