Cultivating Mindfulness and Stillness as a Busy Mom

I’ll admit it- I thought I had this whole “motherhood thing” down, until I actually became a Mom.  Raise your hand if you too thought you had everything figured out and then, WELL KIDS. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons and Motherhood is a season that continually unfolds those lessons for each of us! Today I want to share a few simple strategies that have completely changed the way I not only parent my son, but also how I approach motherhood.

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In Brody’s first few months of life, I immediately got swept away in the busyness, chaos, and adjustments that come with having kids. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Momma, it is my hope that these tips today will be directly applicable to your life and your season.

I truly believe we all need a dose of encouragement when it comes to cultivating mindfulness and stillness as Moms. If we don’t, we’ll be blindsiding by society’s ever-changing pace and that, my friends is not a healthy place to be!

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Cultivating More Mindfulness and Stillness as a Busy Mom

Be Intentional With Your Mornings~it sets the TONE for your whole day!

I know, I know, probably NOT the first thing you want to hear but mornings truly are the stepping stone for the rest of your day! I used to dread mornings. As a child, I was always so grumpy (sorry Mom), and not a happy go lucky kinda gal. However, as an adult, my mindset and approach to mornings is significantly different and actually allows me to set my intentions and goals for the day. This approach will help YOU not only set the tone for your day, but will also teach you how to incorporate more mindfulness and stillness AS A BUSY MOM. To do so, simply follow these steps:

Wake up at least 30-60 minutes before your kids.

This ensures that you can get your workout in (YEP, I said it! Rise and shine, girlfriend!), spend some quality time in the bible and in prayer, AND will allow you to think about the energy and mindset you want to bring into the world.

Get Ready, Every Morning.

Gone are the days of frumpy motherhood. I want you to nail a quick, daily look that can be mastered in 10 minutes or less. A little mascara, dry shampoo, and a cute outfit. Trust me- when you put yourself together, you show up differently and with more confidence each day!

Don’t watch the news or cartoons.

Create a calm environment with nice music and essential oils or candles. When you cut back on the noise and clutter of society and bring space and stillness into your home, you will soon fall in LOVE with your new pace of life!

Incorporate GLOW POCKETS for ultimate breathing + centering

“Glow Pockets” are a term I use often inside my Stress + Anxiety Program, Grounded and Glowing. Basically, it’s a fancy (and cute!) way to remind you that you need SPACE in your day to breath. If we’re not intentional with this, we will get to the end of our day with no thought, time, or stillness. Unfortunately, Mommas- this is what I see time and time again. This “I never need a break” approach to live is causing burnout, stress, overwhelm, and discontent in homes.

My solution for you here is this: create 5-10 minutes every 2 hours to breathe. Whether you go for a walk in nature, a walk around the block, sit peacefully and listen to nature sounds, pray, read a devotion… whatever is important and meaningful for you- do it.

When you have space to breath and think, you will be more grounded in yourself, your truth, and the energy you bring to the world. Don’t live with the excuse that you’re too busy. Busyness is a FALSE badge of honor. You truly cannot afford to NOT make time for you throughout your day. (PS- no one wants to be a HAG! So don’t be one! )

Practice Gratitude on the REG

Lastly! This tip is HUGE! Learning how to practice gratitude seems easy and kind of “fluffy” right? Everyone passes this term around, but how many of us are actually applying it to our lives? As Mommas, it’s REALLY easy to always want more. To compare and contrast our lives, our kids, our homes, our cars…. our everything to EVERYONE. No More, girls! I want you to practice every morning before you wakeup and every evening before you go to bed to list at least 3 things you are grateful for. Don’t wish for more- that season will come. Simply be present and grateful for what you have and WHO you have in your life right now. I promise, when you begin to see the world through a lens and heart of gratitude, everything shifts.

I hope these tips were helpful for you! Tell me- how will you be applying these strategies to your life? Let me know in the comments or over on INSTA!

Always cheering you Mommas on! 



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