Cultivate Gratitude in Your Home


Hello gorgeous! We hope that you are enjoying all the loveliness that the fall has to offer. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we like to focus on what we are grateful for and November is a wonderful month to reflect on the year’s blessings and cultivate gratitude in our homes!

If you haven’t seen yet, we’re holding a gratitude challenge on our Facebook and Instagram accounts so be sure to pop in and let us know what you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude is a powerful and effective way to remind yourself of the good things in your life but the benefit doesn’t stop there! Gratitude paves the way for new opportunities, improves health, increases resiliency, enhances self-esteem and makes us more empathetic.

Better yet, there are SO many ways to practice gratitude like:

Journaling. Journaling is a wonderful outlet for expressing gratitude. When journaling be intentional, elaborate with detail and focus on the people you are thankful for. If you aren’t sure where to begin try a gratitude journal like this!

Create a gratitude jar. This is a great one to do with the whole family and it is so simple! Each day everyone writes down something that they are thankful for and adds it to the jar. Notice how quickly the jar becomes full! Make sure that you reserve some time to read through everyone’s notes. We like to do this around the table on Thanksgiving!

Write a thank you note. In a world of electronic communication, a handwritten note is a sweet way to express gratitude. Keep the notes short and specific. If possible hand deliver the note for an added touch. Tip: Buy blank note cards that suit your personality so you have some on hand when you need them! We love these!

Download a gratitude app. If you’re more inclined to do something when you receive notifications and reminders, this tip is for you! A gratitude app can help you stay on track and possibly make daily gratitude practices a habit!

Express gratitude when you pray. There is no better time to give thanks than when you are in prayer.Do not be afraid to branch out from conventional prayer. There are many ways to pray. This prayer and coloring journal is a fun way to bring thankfulness and creativity into your quiet time with God.

There you have it girl, 5 simple and fun ways to cultivate gratitude in your home over the holidays and beyond! We hope that you enjoy the season of thanks and want you to know that we are so incredibly thankful for YOU!