Create the PERFECT Homework Station for the School Year

Hey Mama! If you're STRUGGLING and tired of the homework battle each night, you're in luck today! I’ve got the BEST solution for you and your sweet pumpkins to ROCK this area of #familylife :) So, whatcha say... let's get after!

Today You'll Learn How To Create the PERFECT Homework Station!


1. Pick the Spot

First things first! I want you to ask yourself..."where is the best place for my kids to be productive? Maybe it’s the same spot for all of your children or different locations depending on their work preference and needs. Whatever the preference, make sure to select a dedicated homework spot – kitchen table, at a desk in the den, a desk in their room, etc. THIS is the place where they will sit down and complete their homework EVERY DAY~ nailing both simplicity and routine! #gomom Now,  once you’ve got the ‘Where’ figured out, it’s time to fill it up!

2. Gather School Supplies

Depending on the ages of your kids you will of course adjust the types of supplies needed. No need to buy something to organize everything, as I’m sure you have some unused baskets, crates, decorative boxes, or mason jars somewhere in your house, Mama! If not I love the look and use of mason jars and trays! Use your containers to organize all of the necessary school supplies your kids will need to do their homework. Gather all pens, pencils, sharpeners, markers crayons, scissors, notebooks, calculators, rulers, etc. and start filling! This ensure that all of your school supplies are organized in one place!

3. Organize the Space

Next up! You need your easy to use and up to date calendar to truly thrive with organization of  events, activities, and due dates! Trust me girls... this will help tremendously!

  • Start hanging and creating your calendar to include project due dates, events, practices, games, and anything else that is helpful to keep you and your family managing time well!

  • Set up some sort of inbox/outbox communication system or even a folder system. Whatever works best for your family. This insures that there is a set process between you and your kids so that letters and papers can be signed, signed papers can return to school, and homework can be reviewed properly!

  • Make the space fun! Hang creative and encouraging decor and quotes, and even your littles’ artwork! Create a fun and exciting space that inspires your kids and gets them excited to sit and be productive in their very own space each day!

Be sure to snap photos of your homework stations + share them on social, tagging us at #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby!