Create a Mama Approved Capsule Wardrobe

Girlfriend, today is all about fashion and leaving that frumpy mom look behind us! While we certainly want to feel and look our best, it can also be overwhelming to sift through our closets to find clothes that still fit our new, hard-earned postpartum bodies!

So, HOW do us moms find the time to get dressed each morning with a pulled together look?

Hello mama approved capsule wardrobe!!

When you think about creating a capsule wardrobe, its purpose is to save money and TIME. Mamas, we know we don’t have the luxury like we used to in spending time trying on different outfit combinations. We have babies, toddlers, and kiddos who need to be fed, dressed, bathed, carpooled....the list goes on.

The Blossoming Mommy and Baby lifestyle is functional AND fashionable and when we're feeling our best, we can pour more energy into those around us and feel confident in raising our children and making the best possible choices each and every day. (Psssst…if you love the idea of investing yourself as a mommy in order to better serve your husband and kids, then our signature Grounded + Glowing Class might just be for you. Come pick up tips and tricks on becoming a modern day momma with WAY less stress)


This quick three-step process takes the stress out of creating that capsule wardrobe AND at the end, will take the stress OUT of getting dressed each morning. YOU feel confident and empowered as a mommy! This isn’t about what others think about you or your look, nor is it about comparing yourself with other moms, it is about giving yourself permission to focus on you so that it isn’t a distraction away from your daily tasks and schedule.

1. Create a Checklist of Basics

You don’t need exactly EVERY basic piece recommended. Work with your style and what you have first!  Run through the BMAB Capsule Wardrobe Catalog checklist and decide what functional items you have and what items you may need to purchase that will compliment your mommy lifestyle. This is about YOU, what works best for YOU, and YOUR needs!

2. Define Your Mama Style

Once you are comfortable with the basics you currently have in your closet, add some personality to the remaining items on the list. Again, shop your closet first! Here is where you add your touch of fashion and those items that make you feel less frumpy and more like a confident Blossoming Mommy and Baby woman! Maybe you don’t love cardigans, but you do have a strong collection of flannel button downs that you can mix and match with different pants, shorts, and skirts – PERFECTION! Identify any missing pieces that you have been wanting to purchase and start shopping those deals. Remember, functional, versatile and fashionable pieces that are classic and can sustain different looks, will add SO much value in the long run to your look, and help you get quickly dressed each morning.

3. Organize + Declutter

You might think this would be the first step, but here is the BMAB TWIST, mama! Once you have selected your basics and your styled pieces, assess your remaining clothes options. Have you worn these remaining items in the past six months? Will you wear the remaining clothes in the next 2 months? If you answer ‘No’ then it is time to bag up those clothes and donate them! You have now simplified your clothing options, and can focus on getting dressed each morning based on your capsule wardrobe without the distraction of options that just do not fit your mama lifestyle or style that you have already decided on.

Mama, there is not a right or wrong answer here, only to make choices that make your life easier and help make you feel more confident! You are gorgeous from the inside out, so don’t you forget that. Focus on versatile items that you can dress up or down and you can’t go wrong.