5 Habits for a Healthy Morning Routine

Momma, NOW is the perfect time to create a healthy morning routine! It doesn’t matter if you are a morning person, a night owl or something in between creating a healthy morning routine will help you make the most of YOUR morning.

Needless to say your perfect routine will likely differ in order and perhaps extent from ours but we believe that all healthy morning routines will include the following:

  1. Consistency about your wake-up time regardless of the day. It might be tempting to push the snooze button on the weekends but research suggests that doing so can actually make it harder to stick to your routine throughout the week. So try make a habit of getting up around the same time every morning!

  2. Reading the word. The general consensus is that morning is prime time for self-improvement and we simply cannot think of a better way to work on self-improvement than by reading the word.

  3. Stretching. Stretching in the morning can minimize aches and pains, increase blood flow, increase energy and improve posture. Need we say more?

  4. Drinking a glass of water and eating nutritious breakfast. We LOVE to have a green smoothie in the morning because the greens are full of phytonutrients, minerals and fiber that will help boost your energy and preparing you for the day ahead. If you are new to smoothie making and aren’t quite sure what to put into your blender, scroll through our delicious recipes in the Healthy Kitchen Club!

  5. Taking 5 minutes to jot down something you are grateful for! Opening your day with gratitude is a beautiful practice and it’s central to becoming a woman who is Grounded and Glowing in motherhood and beyond. Practicing gratitude regularly helps you re-frame your experiences in a positive light, sleep better and feel more compassion towards others!

Girlfriend, your routine does not have to be super long or complicated. In fact, you can create a gorgeous and simple 30 minute morning routine that sets you and your family up for success. Still not convinced? Listen to podcast episode 83 and let us know how you plan to create a healthy morning routine below! Also, follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what others are doing to make their mornings work for them!