Why YOU Need to COOK!!

This post contains affiliate links

This post contains affiliate links

Hello sweet sister! We hope that you are having a fabulous week! As fall fast approaches we find ourselves craving all the simple comforts of home and that includes home cooked meals! Cooking is one of the best ways to improve your health.People who cook tend to:

  1. make healthier food choices

  2. more readily meet nutrition recommendations

  3. consume more vegetables and less fast food.

Despite the considerable benefits, Americans are cooking less and buying more prepared meals every year. People typically avoid cooking because they feel it is too messy, too time consuming or they simply don’t know how to cook.

If you feel like one or more of these reasons apply to you, we have some helpful tips to help you overcome them!

Cooking does not have to be messy!There are plenty of tips to reduce the mess of cooking!

  1. Have a garbage bowl handy to toss scraps/peelings into.

  2. Set your trash can below or near your work space.

  3. Clean as you go rather than at the end.

  4. Purchase and USE a splatter screen.

  5. Measure ingredients over the trash can or sink.

  6. Use your Slow Cooker or opt for One-Pot meals to reduce the number of dishes!

Girlfriend, you do NOT have to spend hours in the kitchen.

You might not be able to make the food cook faster but there are a number of things you can do to save time in the kitchen!

  1. Read the recipe BEFORE you start cooking.

  2. Know when and how to use basic kitchen tools

  3. Prep your ingredients first- dice/mince/warm the ingredients according to recipe instructions so you don’t waste time doing it in between steps.

  4. Repurpose leftovers and Double Up. Cook large amounts of basic ingredients (think shredded chicken, pulled pork, soups, roasted vegetables, pasta etc) on the weekend and then grab what you need for simple recipes throughout the week.

Lastly, cooking does not have to be complicated. If you know how to slow roast, poach, boil, saute, sear and blanch then it’s likely you can cook almost anything! Need a little help understanding these techniques? Betty Crocker has your back! Once you master these basics try your hand at some more creative and advanced techniques, you might be surprised at what you can do!

If you want to learn more about the importance of cooking and 4 basic elements to do it, Michael Pollan’s book Cooked is a wonderful resource! Did you love what you just read? We would LOVE to share more tips and tricks with you! Check out our facebook or instagram to stay in the loop!

Love you, girlfriend! XOXOX