From Complacency to Becoming Your Best Self

Mama, being content, complacent, and comfortable is well…comfortable! But what if you knew with 100% certainty that just on the other side of the unknown, and by facing your fears through a little bit of discomfort is right where you will find the sweet spot of your life! Girlfriend, NEWSFLASH…you ARE worthy of this happiness and becoming your best self. You are worthy enough to experience it every day, and through a bit of hard work and tough love, you can move from complacency to become your BEST self!


Sister, if your are feeling stuck and unsure how to get out of your rut, today’s truths are for Y-O-U. (And, if life’s got you feeling completely overwhelmed, check out our Grounded + Glowing Program) Okay, let’s get honest and ask ourselves the hard questions in order to become happier and bring our best and WHOLE selves to every moment of our lives, for the rest of our lives!

So, I want YOU to ask yourself these questions...

What lies are you telling yourself?

  • Anything negative that you are telling yourself is a false truth! This kind of negative self talk is stopping you from becoming your best self. Are you telling yourself that you don’t have time? That you’re comfortable and don’t want to rock the boat of the life’s routine, even though it’s not fulfilling to you? Mama, let’s get things straight – if you put in the work now and move past the discomfort, it is actually WAY easier and more fulfilling when you get to be your best and whole you each day. #realtalk

What brings you peace + what brings you passion?

  • This a thousand times! Why not both? Mama this life is meant to be full of love and happiness and ZEST!! It’s also meant for moments of calm, serenity, and quiet. What brings you these feelings? Ask yourself what your life looks like without stress and then begin to build into your plan a strategy to eliminate those things, places, and maybe even people that are preventing you from fully becoming the best version of you!

What does your ideal day look like if you were to live it that way for the rest of your life?

  • Sit down and honestly ask yourself: "If I could create my ideal day to live out on REPEAT for the rest of MY life what would that be? What would it look like? Who and what would be there? What isn’t there?" NOW, reverse engineer the steps you must take to build your ideal life, however small or big those steps are. Stay focused and make a plan to move from complacency to your best self and your best life!

Mama we were meant for MORE in this life! To live more, to be more, to give more. The way we accomplish this is to live our lives to fullest potential and then impact those around us positively spreading and being the light! You’ve got this and I believe in you!

If this blog post was helpful, let us know how you are pushing PAST complacency to become your BEST self. Tag a friend and improve together!