What to do when COMPARISON steals your JOY in MOTHERHOOD

Hi all you beautiful BMAB Mommas! ♡

With upcoming summer holidays and family events right around the corner, I wanted to share a topic that has been on my heart lately and one that I truly believe we all struggle with as women and mothers. Ready for it? Comparison + Motherhood…. Let’s dive in!

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Now, let’s get onto today’s message! What to do when COMPARISON steals your JOY in MOTHERHOOD♡

Social Media Makes it EASY to OBSESS over highlight Reels

  • While I truly believe in social media and its power to reach, educate, bless, and connect millions of Mommas like you and I, I also believe that it can be used in a way that can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing if you’re not careful. Mommas I want you to honestly take a step back from social media and put on your BMAB goggles. Evaluate WHO you are following and WHY you are following them. Do you feel like you constantly are comparing your life and journey to others only to feel defeated, judged, discouraged, sad, or maybe even angry afterwards? If so, let me remind you- you have the power to UNFOLLOW. Don’t get caught up in obsessing over other women’s highlight reels! It’s important that we connect with those that are inspiring to our lives, not those that cause us to constantly feel bad. So… if you’re caught in comparing, do a social cleanse. Trust me, you’ll feel incredible after doing so Plus… it’s not fair for you to compare your chapter to someone else. This is your life + your story. Honor it, sweet girl!


  • As a modern day Momma, it’s REAL EASY for us to compare our “mom bod” to other Mommas. Friends, listen up! Your body is just that.. YOURS! Remember that every other woman is on a journey herself. Some of us are built more athletic (raising my hand over here, Mommas!), some of us are built thicker, thinner, taller, shorter… the PERFECT Mom Bod does exist and it is YOURS. So honor it! The best advice I can give you in this area (and I’ve seen SO many Moms struggle here!!) is this, HONOR YOUR BODY. Don’t obsess over it. You can do this by eating well, exercising, moving, breathing, stressing less, practicing self-care, and of course, being more that OKAY with the beautiful body God has given you! Instead of obsessing over every stretch mark or a little extra fluff in the middle, focus on what you CAN DO. Are you taking care of yourself the very best you can? Are you healthy and strong for your children? If so, you are doing great Momma :). This is the mindset shift you MUST have! (PS.. if you’re struggling in this area, please- learn more about my postnatal program where we tackle all things MOM BOD. xx)

Your Story or Hers?

  • Whose story are you living? If you constantly live in a state of comparison… always wanting what your neighbors, mom tribe, or random strangers on social media have, you truly are missing out on YOUR OWN STORY! Whose will you be living? Don’t waste your motherhood journey in a constant state of comparison, my loves! I want you to refocus that energy to your great blessings- your children, your home, your health, your husband, GOD, and your ability to live your BEST life by taking care of you.

Reality Slap (I mean.. check )

  • You’re not organized enough. Your house is too small. Your kids are misbehaved. You didn’t meal prep this week. Your body is spilling over your jeans. You forgot to take your bubble bath this week. You want to homeschool your kids……. Mommas, STOP. You ARE ENOUGH! If you’ve ever had these thoughts, questions, or frustrations swimming through your mind, allow me to remind you- you have the ability to live confidently and make the BEST decisions for YOU and YOUR family, without worrying or comparing your choices, rhythms, or routines to others. Reality Check: You have gifts that no one else does. You have children that no one else does. God has equipped YOU with your journey, no one else. Rise up. Recognize your role. Stop living the dream of wanting to be somewhere or someone else. This is on you, boo. You’ve got this.

What’s driving YOU?

  • Compliments? Likes? Shares? Can I get real honest with you? We (as humans) LOVE praise. We love attention. We LOVE to be recognized. And while that’s totally fine, when it’s not okay is when it becomes your driving force of your day to day actions and thoughts. Take a good look at your heart this week, ladies. Make sure your intentions are pure and your attitude is healthy. YOUR DRIVE should not be based on the opinions or values of other people, remember that!

Jealously is just UGLY.

  • Finally, comparison and jealously… they’re kind of like long lost sisters, don’t ya think? Mommas, if you’re constantly living a life trying to mimic another mother and her parenting principles, her outfits, her routines, her whatever… you’re not living up to your TRUE and BEST self! Please, for the sake of your mental and emotional health + wellbeing, STOP comparing your life and your decisions to others. Be confident in your ability to make good, wholesome, and sound decisions for yourself, your children, and your family. When you can redirect the energy of comparison and jealousy, bringing it back to YOUR family and YOURSELF, you will be amazed at the energy and happiness that truly BLOSSOMS because of it

Have a wonderful week, Mommas! I hope this post + podcast truly inspired your heart! If it did- please share with a fellow Momma and let me know in the comments below or over on INSTA what you struggle with most as a Mom!

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Love you always

-xo Jen