Why Your Child Needs to be Outside (and barefoot)!

Growing up in Alaska, my sister and I always seemed to be doing some type of activity outside. Whether it was sledding, ice-skating on the lake, ice-fishing, snow machining, hiking, camping, building forts, or clam digging, we always seemed to find a way to spend our childhood in the great outdoors


Looking back today, it honestly saddens my heart to see so many children deprived of spending time in nature! Over the past 20 years, society has become increasingly  OBSESSED with all things technology and screen time. Now, don’t get me wrong, Mommas- I LOVE social media. In fact, it is most likely how you and I connected,right? (right )

My intention is NOT to bash on social media, but rather draw your attention to a healthy balance.

The trick is to LOVE social media in small pieces and with appropriate guardrails.

In simple terms: don’t live your life on social media and don’t allow it to negatively influence or impact your life.

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in the amount of social media and screen time our children (and mankind!) are engaging in today. A recent article from The Mayo Clinic discusses how to guide your child through screen time and what boundaries to place in regards to healthy amounts and healthy development. Checkout the article titled “Screen Time and Children-how to guide your child” here!

Below I’ll be sharing 5 reasons WHY your child(ren) need(s) to get outside EVER SINGLE DAY, regardless of his/her location. Obviously, I would NEVER recommend to walk barefoot on an unsafe location (i.e. glass, hot cement, parasite infected area, dirty water/land, etc)… Use your head and BE SMART with walking outside. Think grass, sand, lakes, etc! Ladies, I grew up (and still live!) in Alaska. If we can do it, you can do it too!

  1. Walking barefoot helps your child to develop better balance, coordination, lower leg strength, proprioception, and LESS injury!

  2. Walking barefoot helps your child to experience the AMAZING benefits of earthing AND allows your child to connect with negative ions of the earth (bonus fact: these negative ions can also be found in water!)

  3. Walking barefoot helps to reduce anxiety and stress!

  4. Walking barefoot allows your child to forget the chaos of the world and to truly connect with nature and the simplicity of being outside. No electronics, no ringing alarms. Just the ground, the sky, and the amazing wonders of God’s creations!

As we close out today’s segment, I want to provide you with a few ideas to help encourage natural play with your kiddos outside! Remember, it doesn’t have to cost much and it can even be FREE! Point being, just get back to your natural roots. Less screen. More nature. Deal? Please enjoy some of my favorite recommendations for families below! From exercise to gardening and a little in between, we’ve got you covered for outdoor activities!


Enjoy, Mommas! How will you be getting outside with your littles this season?