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If you find yourself struggling with trying to control your emotions, voice, anger, or patience with your child or children, you're not alone. In fact, I've received an overwhelming amount of requests for help in this aspect of parenting and it was an absolute NO BRAINER for me to put this request to action for you and your family!

Before we get started remember this, you are an AMAZING mom and are raising great children.  

5 Strategies for Staying Calm + Teaching Calmness in Your Family 

  • Exercise Your Right to Sustain Self-Control. This, my friends is a lost art. You have the innate ability to practice and express self-control in any given situation- no matter what that situation is. You can go from zero to one-hundred in a split second, become unglued, yell, and scream, OR you can control your emotions (even if the situation is not ideal... and moms, let me be the first to tell you... they won't always be ideal. I think we all know this, right ;) ). You have the power to remain calm, yet still in control. You have the power to express your authority in a helpful and constructive manner without exploding. This takes time and this takes practice. Most importantly it's going to take a lot of self-work and an understanding that our children will feed off of our energy. Exercise YOUR RIGHT to sustain self-control, calmly. Need help in this area? I'd love to teach you excellent practices. Join Grounded & Glowing today for personal trainings in social and emotional health and self-control. It directly impacts your parenting skills!

  • Be on the SAME TEAM as your husband. Parenting together with common disciplinary action(s) and consistent responses is vital for teaching consistency and cohesiveness to your children. Together, with your spouse, learn to develop and sharpen your parenting skills through a multitude of parenting books, podcasts, mentors, and conferences. There is always room to grow in this area TOGETHER!

  • If needed, utilize a "break" with a visual timer. Instead of exploding over a "bad behavior" or event, try implementing a "break" with your child. Simply place him/her on a chair, free from distractions or toys. Set the timer (to your preference) and let your child engage in self-regulation/emotional-regulation as the timer winds down. After the break is over, discuss (calmly) with your child why he/she is in "break" and what he/she should do differently next time. Granted, this option may not always work as planned, but I have seen many kiddos excel with this tip!

  • Make sure you're taking care of yourself. As women, it is SO easy for us to give and give and give and GIVE until we have nothing else left. Ladies, I get it. But if we are not aware of our own "cup" and we are constantly pouring out an into others without filling our cup back up, our loved ones will most likely get the short end of the stick. I want you to eat and sleep well, exercise, work on personal development, and take time to do activities or hobbies that YOU LOVE. Trust me, you'll be a better Mommy- you'll have more energy and will be brighter to your little rays of sunshine because of it!

  • Lastly, BE PRESENT. I know this fact is simple BUT in the tech driven society we live in today, it is more important now than ever to be aware of the amount of screen time you devote to (i.e. phone, social media, TV, tablets, etc). I want you to be 100 percent present with your littles. Nothing is more important right now in this season of your life than your attention and love to them. Not an instagram like, tweet, or Facebook share. What matters most is YOU being fully present with your family.

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Moms, I hope this blog post was inspiring for you! Just know that you can only do you best. We all have good days and days that are intensely more challenging. You're going to slip up. You're going to say something you shouldn't... but you're also going to do amazing things and respond in amazing ways to your kiddos. You just keep the right attitude, working hard to better yourself as a woman and as a mother every single day. If you want more community, more direct support, and encouragement during your parenting journey, we would LOVE to have you as a #blossomingmommyandbabywoman.

We are rooting for you.