Busy Moms Need High Quality Nutrition x Promise Prenatal!

As an active and busy Momma, I prioritize the importance of taking care of my health so I can keep up with Brody James (my 6 month old), my home, my work as a therapist, and of course~all of the goodness happening right here at BMAB.

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My days are jam packed so I have to make sure my nutrition and supplementation are both in check in order to optimize my energy, vitality, and overall well-being!


One of the questions I am asked most frequently from hundreds of Mommas just like yourself is: “what brand of vitamins or supplements do you recommend for my pregnancy journey?”


My go-to vitamin and supplement company for the modern Momma. They make Mom Life EASIER by providing us with customizable nutrition~ and y'all know if something is going to make our lives as Mommas easier, I'm ALL about sharing that secret with you!

As Mommas, we HAVE to take care of ourselves. I 100% believe that we cannot pour from an empty cup. That being said, SAFE vitamins and supplementation are an absolute MUST to live out this truth. Yes, it is important to eat well, but vitamins and supplements allow your body to receive even more nutrition and provide your body with benefits that food can't.


Here's the scary part though... NOT ALL VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL. I know, brutal right? If you were to go into your local supermarket and pick up a bottle of prenatal vitamins or a women's multi vitamin, you better be turning that bottle around to read what is actually IN the ingredients. It's frightening to think that we could be putting things in our body that may not actually be as good as we think (hello yucky fillers, dyes, and other yucky ingredients!) This is where Promise Prenatal comes to our rescue! *CUE THE AMEN!!!!*

Promise Prenatal gives YOU AND I the gift of time, quality assurance, and puts our mind at ease knowing that we’re giving our body exactly what it needs~no matter what stage of Momma-hood we are in. How AMAZING is that?! Promise Prenatal has SPECIFICALLY curated the exact nutrition your body needs for the exact stage of pregnancy/pre/postnatal (not a one size fits all vitamin/supplementation, which I love!) The formulated vitamins and supplements are for the following stages:


-Getting Pregnant

-First Trimester

-Second Trimester

-Third Trimester



For me, I’m currently in the “breastfeeding” stage, so my supplements consist of the stage 3 vitamin, milk boost tea (which you guys… the orange zest flavor is AMAZING. So, So COZY AND let me just tell you… the milk boost is a REAL THING), and the DHA-Omega 3 Supplement.


When you look through their website, just select the appropriate stage for YOUR journey and stock up on all of your vitamins, supplements, and other goodies that we all know your #mombag and #medicinecabinet need! (Does stretch mark oil, face wash, and belly butter ring a bell?!)

I love Promise Prenatal for so many reasons and as a Momma bear myself, knowing there is never a compromise to their high quality ingredients is EVERYTHING! I just take one small capsule a day (easy on the tummy!) and viola! Everything is made the USA and is FDA approved, which, as a medical professional myself is something I always look for.

AND just when you thought you couldn’t LOVE Promise Prenatal any more, know this ~a portion of every order provides prenatal vitamins to women in areas affected by poverty and malnutrition . #heartwarm So go! Go get your Promise Prenatal on TODAY!


The post is sponsored by Promise Prenatal.