How BUSY MOMS can still keep their house CLEAN ALL. WEEK. LONG.

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Brian: “Honey, what did you guys do today?”

Me: Steaming out of my ears (I mean…. thinking politely to myself… ‘what did we do?!’) “Oh we had a great day! We cleaned, Brody napped, I worked out, worked on the brand, and now it’s 5:30 pm” Meanwhile, I’m covered in sweat and breastmilk from a day’s hard work, non-stop since 6:30am. The bathrooms have been scrubbed, blowout diapers have been changed, the dogs have been fed and entertained, the floors swept…. modern day cinderella at your service.

Ladies, does this sound familiar? This is truly a typical day for me- non-stop from the early wakeup call and fresh coffee to the moment I lay my head down on a freshly washed pillow case at night  So, for all of us who don’t have cleaning services or chefs, can I just get an AMEN?

Today I’ll be shedding light and encouragement on what YOU can do as a Modern Momma to keep your house sparkly clean (well.. on most days ) throughout the week. I’ll be sharing my top tips and tricks that have helped me transition into our new, beautiful home while not letting the days take over and the laundry pile up (Can I get a hallelujah!)

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How BUSY MOMS can still keep their house CLEAN ALL. WEEK. LONG. My 5 Simple Steps For YOU!

  1. Create + Follow a cleaning schedule

    1. This is key! You guys know how important schedules are at the Blossom house. I teach it. I preach it. I own it. And I want you to do the same as well! Creating and actually FOLLOWING a cleaning schedule is something that the whole family can be apart of (and highly encouraged). Each day you should be doing some type of chore. Whether you assign actual days to duties (i.e. Mondays you clean bathrooms, Tuesdays you vacuum, Wednesdays you wipe down all baseboards, etc) or clean as rooms get messy, the take-home message is the same- CLEAN THROUGHOUT YOUR WEEK. When you save the entire cleaning process for the weekend, it takes away from sacred time that is supposed to be spent with your family! So- get a chore chart for the kiddos, get a chore chart for yourself and get busy!

    2. Do a quick pick up every night + after every meal

      1. Anytime our Blossoming Mommas cook up a DELISH Blossoming Mommy and Baby Meal, I always preach on the importance of CLEANING UP after each meal (in full- wash, dry, put away, and wipe down the kitchen) and teaching your kiddos to do the same. Although it seems small, if multiple “HEALTHY” snacks and meals (psst… need help in this area?? Allow me to share ALL of my secret, healthy family recipes inside our membership here!) are consumed throughout the day and no one is picking up after themselves, what’s going to pile up in the sink? YOU GUESSED IT. Mommas’ going to be left with piles on piles of dishes at 5pm and really… aint’ no one got time for that. So, pick up after your meals and pick up at the end of the day. I get that by 8:45pm you are EXHAUSTED. I am too. But the extra 5-10 minutes spent picking up your living room, putting all the toys back, and perfecting one more wipe down in the kitchen really does transform the next morning. Who wants to wake up to a dirty and cluttered house? NO ONE. Reset your home and thank it for its service for the day. This way, when a new day starts, you’re not replaying or reliving in the mess from the day before.

      2. Do one load of laundry every day (this changed my life!)

        1. This is one tip that I learned from my chief of staff, our executive director Courtney. I was literally DYING to laundry. I would save ALLLLLL the loads for the weekend and have over 5+ to wash, dry, and fold/put away. Some weekends I wouldn’t have time to get to the 5+ loads (hm… who would have thought ), and the laundry piles would mound up to the next week. #nothanks. So, a simple practice that has changed my life (and will change yours too!) is to simply do one load of laundry every single day. Wash, Dry, Fold, and completely put away. Do it at the same time each day so it naturally becomes part of your routine. It’s totally doable and manageable, Mommas…. and it will make your Mom life that more streamlined!

        2. Plan a deep clean once a month

          1. You know… the crumbs that manifest inside the fridge, the extra almond flour that sprays in the cabinets, the bathroom cabinets that need to be decluttered and organized (AGAIN), the deep cracks of your garage… basically the chores that NO ONE likes to do ….here’s great news for you friend! All you have to do now is GET IT ON YOUR CALENDAR! Pick one day a month where you will COMMIT to deep cleaning one area of your house (or two!), no excuses. This balance allows you to enjoy your weeks without stressing about when you’re going to scrape the extra soy sauce off the glass in the fridge or when you’re going to vacuum the dog hair out of your car. Get it on your calendar and get it DONE.

          2. Utilize storage baskets + containers

            1. Lastly, my absolute FAVORITE! I learned this trick working as an occupational therapist. With our patients, we have a TON of gear. Whether it’s at the pool or at the clinic, toys, tools, and rehab gear are needed for each treatment session. A fellow therapist once told me that "everything should have a home. When storing gear for treatments, always put your tools and treatment items back where they go." Same goes for you, Mom! “everything has a home. Your kid’s toys, your workout weights, books, magazines, blankets… you name it!” So, here’s the really fun part Mommas. YOU get to pick out tonnnnnnnns of baskets, glass jars, or containers to store your belongings in. I LOVE to display my cozy blanket throws in wicker baskets, dried foods in glass mason jars, and craft tools in plastic storage bins. When you have the mindset that everything in your house has a “home”, miscellaneous items are not strung out from one end of your home to the other. Take the extra 60 seconds to ensure that everything is put away after it is used (and yes.. this rule applies to your kiddos as well ). PS. If you think this is simplifying… you’re right! Read up on my tips for simplifying YOUR motherhood journey here!

Okay, Mommas! There you have it! Which tips are your favorite? Do you have more to add to the list?? Let me know your thoughts over on iTunes (are you subscribed to the show?) And make sure we're connected  over on INSTAGRAM!

XOXO, Jennifer