Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Breastfeeding is an absolute sacred time between both mother and baby. Today we'll be discussing a few tips, tricks, and remedies to help you understand the basics and importance of this amazing practice. First, understand that this journey is just that, your own. Every woman experiences breastfeeding (and motherhood!) in her own way- her own pace, skills, challenges, and unique life factors. Embrace this beautiful journey, gals.

As a new (or seasoned!) mom, it's important to understand the benefits and how-to's of breastfeeding. Read on for your breastfeeding 101 below!

Benefits of Breastfeeding:

    • Incredibly healthy for mama and baby

    • Full of NUTRITION (Essential vitamins and minerals)

    • Straight from the source and in its most natural form

    • Easy to digest

    • Fights infection and disease

    • Calorie burner!

    • Free (budget friendly)

    • Enhances Mother-Baby Connection

    • Reduces mother’s risk of certain types of breast cancers, ovarian cancer, and type 2 diabetes (Source)

How To + Helpful Knowledge:

    • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least 12 months

    • Consult with your physician if you are taking any medications (including birth control), as certain medications may impact your breastmilk

    • Colostrum:

      • Deep yellow in color, thick “first milk” , and comprised of essential vitamins and minerals that are extremely nutrient dense and full of antibodies to help build your baby’s immune system, fight infections, aids in digestion, and overall wellness.

      • Naturally transforms to milk by the 3rd- 5th day after birth. (Source)

Positioning (Not all inclusive… do what feels best for you and meets your baby’s needs):

  • Cradle hold

  • Cross cradle or transitional hold

  • Clutch or football hold

  • Side-lying position

Latching Tips: (This takes time!): 

  • Calm environment

  • Skin to skin contact

  • Let your baby lead

  • Support baby but don’t force latch

  • Allow breast to hang naturally

  • If the “baby-led” approach does not work, try stimulating your baby’s natural latching by:

    • Tickling the baby’s lip with your nipple to encourage the latch

    • Pull baby close so the chin and lower jaw moves to breast

    • Aim baby’s lip far from base of nipple so baby takes mouthful of breast.

    • Additionally, remember to feed your baby in a calming and relaxed manner. Get comfy, be in a soothing environment, and enjoy this special time with your baby (Source)

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