Bonding with Baby Before Birth

Did you know that you can bond with your baby while your bundle of joy is still in your tummy? It's true! There's no better time than right now to understand how powerful healthy touch is for your baby on so many levels (i.e. his/her growth, development, bonding, relaxation, neuroplasticity, and more!).


Okay.... so maybe my niece isn't such a baby anymore :) BUT.... We did bond with here in SO MANY WAYS while she was in my sister's tummy! Check out the tips below!

Today I'll be sharing a little sneak preview into our prenatal program, along with a hint of infant massage benefits for you and your little as well!

We're SO excited to open the doors for registration for Blossoming Mommy and Baby's signature program, Pregnancy Prep Program. Stay tuned, Moms! We've even got an entire section on massaging your babe! For now, enjoy today's preview and be sure to check out the program outline and get started with your academy experience here! 

5 Ways to Bond with Baby Before Birth 

  1. Talk with your Baby

  2. Engage in prenatal yoga and meditation

  3. Massage your belly gently (this releases hormones!)

  4. Play music with and for your baby

  5. When you feel your baby moving, gently touch your tummy, looking for a response!

Why Massage and Touch?

For your Child: 

  • Security

  • General Well-being

  • Physical Growth

  • Social Skills

For Parents: 

  • Relaxation

  • Developing sensitivity

  • Confidence Building

  • Parent-child relationship