Blossoming Mommy and Baby + Juicero- Our Latest (and GREATEST) Mommy OBSESSION!

You ladies know we are absolutely OBSESSED with finding you and your littles the latest and greatest health brands on the planet!! Well, my friends, you are going to FALL. IN. LOVE. with everything Juicero has to offer- from the ADORABLE and SLEEK design to the DELISH (and power packed) fresh pressed juices, every single one of you will be swooning over your gorgeous  juice press with personalized RAW JUICES at the push of a button!

Score Yourself a Mother’s Day Treat with Juicero, Sister!


After years of juicing (Costco Runs + Juicing Machine = Hundreds of dollars in produce, messy counters, and hours in the kitchen cutting and chopping, monthly!), I have not only grown to love this practice, but have first hand experienced the extreme health benefits- on a cellular level.

Bottom line, if you are not juicing and you are medically cleared to do so, I highly recommend incorporating it into your routine for a plethora of reasons. Including, but not limited to….

  • Excellent way to consume quick nutrition, pulling out the water and nutrients (which is then quickly absorbed into the body upon consumption)

  • Hydrating and detoxifying to the body

  • Helps to boost the immune system

  • Restores and heals the body

  • Allows the body to simply “work less” (instead of having to break down tons of food) while maximizing nutrient absorption.

Can you see why it is such a vital part of your health and wellness routine, Momma?! It is NOT just a modern health trend. It’s powerful and Juicero is about to make your juicing journey unbelievable delicious, organic, wholesome, and SO EASY.

Here’s the rundown and the reasons why we are ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED and forever life customers with Juicero AND a million reasons why you, as a busy woman on a mission to life your healthiest (and happiest) should be too!

  1. The Modern Day Blossoming Mommy and Baby Woman is striving to be healthy. Busy. Balancing kid’s schedules, dinner menus, meal planning, social time, appointments, and well… life. (I GET IT, SISTER) She’s smart and savvy and passionately cares about the health of her home, including her children. Smoothies and juices are an absolute MUST but are often neglected due to: stress, time, money, organization.


    • Juicero makes it absolutely effortless for modern-day women to experience the amazing health benefits of juicing with the push of a button (LITERALLY).

  2. Whether you are a working Momma, stay at home Momma, or a modern day woman, Juicero is for YOU( and me ).Yes… your healthy habits really did just get that much easier!

    • The mission behind Juicero’s “smart juice technology” is strategically designed to help ensure that you are getting the FRESHEST raw fruits and veggies around, delivering weekly (5 packs per week!)

    • As I mentioned earlier, my past years of juicing have let to big time kitchen messes and an average of 20 minutes + to create one juice (per day!) With Juicero, your only job is to select your produce pack, open the press door, hang the pack, close the door, and viola! Press the button! With the start of your machine, 8,000 pounds of FORCE is applied to the fruits and veggies living inside your breathable packs! Countdown from 3 minutes and you have got yourself the most AMAZING, DELISH, RAW COLD-PRESSED JUICE (POWERPACKED with NUTRITION!)

      • PS- the whole NO mess (no pulp, prep, or cleanup) vibe is LIFE.

  3. A few fun Juicero facts…. we know you will LOVE

    • Once your juice is pressed, the pulp inside the packs can be eaten or composted!

    • Flavors are aligned with the seasons (discover AMAZING new flavors, sister!)

    • The produce inside your juice packs stay fresh for 5-7 days

    • No water needed. Each pack contains fresh, wholesome PRODUCE

    • The BEST. MOTHER’S DAY GIFT EVER. To yourself or another Mom! Seriously, ladies… healthy habits are an absolute MUST and Juicero makes it SO easy for us!

  4. Finally…. your grand finale! How this whole thing actually WORKS(and why it is a MUST for your kitchen line up )

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  • Indulge in a beautiful new Juicero Press. Invest in your healthy habits with absolutely NO prep, NO cleanup, NO MESS, and AMAZING cold-pressed, organic FRESH juice (right in your kitchen!)

  • Think of this purchase like your kitchen aid. Is it an investment? Yes. Is it worth it? 100%. Mommas, this would make for a beautiful gift to yourself or another girlfriend


  • BEST. PART. EVER. Mommas, when I tell you about a service, I mean it. Juicero has a simple 3- step process for ensuring the pouches are wholesome (from start to finish!)

    • Harvest

    • Chop

    • Pack

    • Juicero 101 (every glass!)

      • Raw, organic, fresh delivered from the field, non-GMO, never frozen, no added water.


Grab Yours HERE!

Ladies, we are SO excited to partner with Juicero and truly believe your health and wellness journey is about to BLOSSOM with the ease and simplicity of the our favorite at home cold-pressed juicing device. NO more prep. No more chopping. No more hassle. For me- no more 20 minutes in the Blossom kitchen trying to create pressed juices :). Do yourself a favor and invest in this most amazing health gadget and more importantly healthy lifestyle practice. Your lifestyle + health will thank you.

PS: Don't forget to listen in on our Juicero obsession via the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show HERE! 

CHEERS, LADIES! Love you, Juicero!


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