3 Must-Do's For Turning Exhaustion into Energized Living!

Many of my clients share that one of their most troubled areas as a mother is complete burnout and exhaustion. I find this completely relatable as I too, struggled for many years with burnout and exhaustion. Specifically, I struggled with this during my last two years of graduate school and it was something that took a HUGE toll on my body. I'll share more on this story later so we can get to my 3 "must-do's" for trading exhaustion for an ENERGIZED life :)

How can I be confident that these tips work? Sister, I've been there and these 3 recommendations are truly what pulled me out of my burnout, exhausted funk AND these tips are the cornerstone for my Momma clients today! So, let's get to them!

Tip #1: Understand that you cannot do EVERYTHING. 

  • As a #blossomingmommyandbabywoman, I understand that you want to do everything for everyone. Sister, hear my heart. This isn't possible. In fact, if you do try to implement this approach, you'll find yourself running on EMPTY 99.9% of the time. Prioritize what MUST be done, delegate what you CAN, and DELETE what is unnecessary. You'll be amazed at how open your schedule becomes and how much less stressed you feel! #HELLOENERGY

Tip #2: Get organized, fast. 

  • Y'all know I am a HUGE stickler on being organized. I teach (I mean preach :) ) this within Blossom After Baby and Pregnancy Prep Program and want you to understand the importance of this simple piece of advice. If you DON'T plan and organize your day, your day will be scattered, chaotic, and will completely run YOU. Sister, I want YOU to run your day, not the other way around. Use a digital or paper back planner and schedule out your week ahead. This includes but is not limited to: meals, outfits, school pickups and drop offs, work, workouts, meetings, appointments, relaxation time, date night, and MORE. (PS- if you need help in this area, join our exclusive Blossom After Baby community. You'll be amazed at the nuggets of wisdom you can apply to your life in regards to organization and health!)

Tip #3: Implement your stress-free practices 

  • Go for a walk, get in nature, brew up a delicious blend of organic tea or coffee, listen to spa music, create relaxing lighting, implement aromatherapy.... the list goes on. When you intentionally develop and sustain stress free pockets (I like to call them glow pockets :)) throughout your day, you are giving your body time to reset and recharge- an absolute MUST for establishing more energy and balance in your life.

There you have it! Blossoming Mommy and Baby's TOP TIPS for turning pure exhaustion into blissful ENERGY. Living your healthiest and happiest doesn't have to be hard, Momma. I'm here to teach you exactly how to do this... why? Because you truly deserve the benefits of ROCKING MOTHERHOOD.