The Birth Story of our Firstborn, Brody!

The Birth Story of Brody James Blossom

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Hey Mommas!

How was your weekend?! I hope it was FANTASTIC!! We are in the thick of moving to our new house right now, so it has been a bit chaotic… but as the lovely Pinterest sayings go…. us moms… we ROCK controlled chaos ;)… am I right or am I right? LOL.

Today I want to share a personal story, one that many of you have been asking for; the birth story of our first son, Brody! Reflecting back now, I can’t believe it’s been over a month and a half ago. It truly feels like a combination of one long weekend and 12 years, ha!

Whether you’re gearing up for labor yourself or you’re here just to read up on our story, I hope you leave inspired and encouraged to listen to your body in every situation of life <3.

In reading this story I hope you are walking away with:

  • Encouragement to know that you CAN have a natural birth if you set your mind to it.

  • Inspiration to acknowledge that God can work in miraculous ways and does answer prayers!

  • Hope to the woman who is struggling with infertility… know that we serve a Big and Mighty God! Continue to pray for your baby and surrender to God’s plan for your life.

  • Desire to be a Godly and GREAT Mom and wife. You were born for this role.

First, let me provide you with a little background…

Brian and I starting talking about growing our family a little over 2 years ago. What we thought was going to be an instant “new chapter”…well, God had other plans. We struggled with infertility for 2 years and after receiving the help from a fertility specialist, along with constant prayer and God’s grace, we found out we were expecting our sweet nugget in May of 2017.

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The moment you find out your pregnant…

I can remember being at the pool on Friday (I work as a occupational therapist at an aquatic therapy facility) and my body distinctly felt different. Something was just “off”. I couldn’t put my finger on it and to this day can’t tell you exactly what I felt.. it was just different. THEN… Saturday morning came. That morning, I woke up feeling nauseated and thought I had a stomach bug. So, in typical Jenni fashion, I rallied. I continued to make my coffee and stepped outside to see if fresh air would help. (It didn’t ). I took one sip of coffee and literally almost lost my dinner from the night before (and you ladies know… coffee is EVERYTHING ;)). So.. off with the coffee and on with water and watermelon. (I’m going somewhere with this.. I promise). After about 10 minutes, I found myself hurled over the deck losing all the water and watermelon, which was actually a common theme throughout my entire pregnancy.

Although I did have an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy, I was super sick and nauseated for the entire 9 months.

In fact, there were times at work (I continued to work as an occupational therapist up until 36 weeks pregnant) where I would have to run to the bathroom in-between patients to throw-up and I found myself wondering if I would ever feel “normal” again. SO DRAMATIC, I know… let’s just blame it on the pregnancy hormones. In all honesty, if you were nauseated and vomiting for 9 months straight, you might be thinking the same things too

A few things that did help my nausea during pregnancy:

  • Anti-Nausea tea

  • DIY Ginger Chews

  • Prayer + Meditation + Journaling

  • Anti nausea medicine

  • Reading other stories of women who were nauseated and sick the entire time… it made me feel like I COULD do this!

Fast forward 9 months.. January is HERE!

They say everything happens at once and in our story, this was TOTALLY the case!

Two weeks before Brody was due, THE PERFECT house came on the market. We had been house hunting for the last two years, so when this beauty came up, we knew we had to act fast. I’m not sure I would ever recommend buying a house and having a baby in the same month, but at the Blossom house, we go big OR GO HOME..

We had our home inspection at 9am. I specifically remember the night before our inspection feeling “off” at as I crawled into bed. My stomach was a little crampy, but there were no other signs of labor so I didn’t think much of it.

Throughout our home inspection I rested and enjoyed the thoroughness Brian and the inspector underwent. I especially enjoyed swooning over the little things like fresh granite, large windows, and lots and lots of bedrooms!

We left the inspection a little after 11am and I headed over to my in-law’s house to walk on the treadmill. Because it had snowed like crazy the night before, I wasn’t up for braving the Alaskan trails (and girls… was I ever glad to have made that decision!)


Still in disbelief, I stood there on the treadmill as a million thoughts raced through my head… “could this really be it?” “after all this time… am I really ready for labor and for a baby?” “Is this my water breaking?”

Girls, I couldn’t pull it together and couldn’t comprehend if this truly was happening. I turned to my sister in law, Brittani and screamed..

Me: “Britt! Oh my gosh.” Brittani: “What!?” Me: “I think my water just broke” Brittani: “What?! Yep, it sure did!”

I officially had confirmation and was OFFICIALLY not calm. My heart began racing, my hands began shaking, and I couldn’t decide who to call. (Brian… right?! :)). I finally pushed speed dial and Brian answered. I told him what happened and he came back home (he was out plowing snow in the plow truck).

From there, we gathered up our hospital bags and left for the hospital! I had so much adrenaline as we drove to the hospital. It literally felt like we were driving to the olympics or a sporting event.

As we checked in around 1pm, we waited and waited and waited what seemed to be hours and yet the contractions were still non existent. Around 4pm because I had not started any contractions and was hardly dilated, I was given a small dosage of cervidil (placed orally in the side of my mouth) to help soften my cervix and to see if it would help to jumpstart my labor process.

Once the cervidil kicked in, I started to get crampy.. nothing too extreme, but a little uncomfortable. I thought to myself, “this is labor?! This is great! I can TOTALLY do this!” I remember distinctly asking my mother-in-law.. “does it get worse than this”? Looking back now, I totally laugh at myself.. really Jen?

At 6pm I was heading into active labor.

I started to have contractions; they were mild, but definitely contractions.

I had my husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law in the room with me. My mom and family unfortunately were in Oregon at the time, but were able to make it up after the birth. My birth team was INCREDIBLE! From the support of my main 3, my doctor, and the nursing staff, it was truly a dream team.

The contractions would come and go and we’d ride the “contraction wave”. I was still able to talk and focus on other things with the early contractions and the rest breaks in-between were HEAVEN. I remember feeling “human” again while I rested a whole 30 seconds.

We had NBA (basketball) games on in the room throughout the entire labor and delivery. I can’t say I watched the games, but it was nice to have on for distraction (at least during the first part of labor).

At about 8 pm, I started to dilate at a quicker pace. No one thought we would have the baby before midnight… but something in me knew we could do it. It was between 8 and 9pm when labor went from manageable to a whole new level.

I was now in true labor.

I alternated between sitting on the birthing ball and standing (I did this for most of my labor). During the build and peak of the contractions, I typically would place my head in-between my hands, or lay it on the bed if I was sitting on the ball. It helped me to close my eyes during each contraction and visualize what my body was enduring.

During the transition phase I began throwing up with contractions. My mother in law would hold the barf bags while I continued to fill them up.

Once I hit 8 cm dilated, I was pretty miserable. I wish I could be more positive, but I truly did not know what to expect and this level of pain was obviously something I had never experienced before. Despite all the positive mantras I practiced and scriptures I had on my phone, this was truly a time frame of intense focus and breathing.

At this point I had to lay down in the hospital bed because Brody’s heart rate would drop at times during my contractions. I laid on my left side which seemed to help his rate stabilize. It was also at this point that I was DONE mentally.

They say you “hit a wall” during labor + delivery… and y’all.. this was the wall. Kind of like hitting the wall when running a marathon. When I ran the Portland Marathon, this “wall” was mile 18. The kind of wall where you look for a bike to jump on (I’m totally kidding… kind of ;)) instead of finishing the race.

At mile 18 of labor and delivery I wanted the epidural. I turned to my mother-in-law and hubby and suggested (demanded) an epidural. If it wasn’t for their encouragement and telling me I COULD DO THIS and that I was SO CLOSE, I would have taken it. I was also told that I was progressing so fast that it wouldn’t even be worth it; and to let my body naturally continue with the momentum.

As the contractions increased, all I could focus on now was visualizing each “contraction wave”. I closed my eyes during each contraction, as they grew closer and closer, and distinctly remember my mother-in-law telling me to “catch the contraction” before it came… “to get ahead of it”… ”take a deep cleansing breath, blow it away”… and “stay in front of the pain.”

In doing this, I inhaled deeply through my nose at the beginning of each contraction. As they continued to increase, I exhaled forcefully through my mouth. I blocked out everything in the room and visualized each contraction (so random, you guys) as a stick figure walking up a triangle mountain. The peak of the mountain was the peak of the contraction. As the contraction withered away, the “stick man” walked down the mountain

I don’t know why this visual came to mind, but it did and it worked.

I can’t tell you how important it is to have strong support during labor.

Whoever you decide to have in the room with you, make sure they know your plan and wishes ahead of time and have them hold you accountable (like me wanting an all natural birth).

As we progressed to the pushing phase, I was amazed at my body physically doing the work for me. It was so involuntary….. each time my body wanted to push, it did. It literally did the pushing for me and when I was told to “push” by the doctor, I did!

I found the contractions more painful then the actual pushing part… although the “ring of fire” was exactly that. FIRE. But we made it through and Brody James Blossom arrived in under 10 pushes!

Brody was placed on my chest right away and Brian helped cut the umbilical cord. From there, it was new Mommy bliss and our lives were forever changed.

Birth is amazing. Painful. Empowering. Spiritual. And most importantly, God’s greatest blessing to us as parents.

Thank you for allowing our story to encourage your heart. We love you guys! Do you have any labor stories? Share them below or online with me! I’d love to hear!