Best Moves For a Strong Booty


Targeted workout moves + nutrition + consistency = the sacred formula for a strong backside! Today we'll be going over 6 killer moves for a tight and toned tush! Pair these moves with your strength training exercises 2-3x per week for an additional booty burn and toning session! Get your yoga pants + mat ready, Momma... it's time to get BUSY! PS- Did you see September's release for Abundant Motherhood Club members? EEK! All things home workouts, exercise videos, and SO MUCH MORE! Grab your spot and get instant access upon release HERE! 

6 Moves For a Strong Booty

  1. Squats (Traditional Squats, Legs shoulder width apart) ~ 1 minute

  2. Deadlifts (Using 5-10 pound weights, keeping the weight close to the body while performing traditional deadlift) ~ 1 minute

  3. Leg pulse (While on all fours, pulsing right leg first, then left, up towards ceiling) ~ 1 minute ea side.

  4. Lunges (Traditional lunges with the right and left sides) ~30 seconds each side

  5. Bridge Burnout (Laying on back with both feet placed firmly on the ground. Lift your booty up towards the ceiling, tucking your core in as you rise) ~ 30 seconds

  6. Step Ups (Using 5-10 pound weights and a bench or chair, step up with your right foot, followed by the left, then back down. Repeat for 30 seconds on right side, then switch to left) ~30 seconds each side


Repeat entire sequence x2 times through and don't forget to check in on social media using #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby to show us your total "behind" workout! Go girls!