BEST EVER: Luxury Nursing Wear with Kindred Bravely!

FTC disclaimer: product and compensation were received. All opinions are my own.

It’s that time of year again.. time to celebrate, nourish, and of course….. time for me to share with you my all time FAVORITE nursing line!

Ladies, I am SO excited to bring you what I have found to be the most luxurious, comforting, and beautiful maternity and postpartum clothing line, Kindred Bravely.

As Baby Blossom’s due date quickly approaches, it was an absolute BLESSING to discover this incredible brand, created by Mommas who have been there and fully understand breastfeeding, pregnancy, and all the needs that you and I have as new, expecting, or seasoned moms.

As modern day moms, it is SO important for you and I to ensure that we are not only taking care of ourselves with proper nutrition, exercise, mental, and spiritual health, but also in a way that is nourishing to our inner Momma Bear. We know what it is like to endure sleepless nights, morning sickness, labor pains, postpartum pains, breastfeeding, and let’s just be honest… itchy, scratchy, and poor fitting maternity gear.

As a first time mom, I’ve endured my fair share of different maternity clothes from bras to yoga pants, shirts, night gowns, and everything in between and have often found myself wondering why I was spending so much money on clothes and gear I didn’t find appealing, didn’t enjoy wearing, and quite frankly would never wear again.

As Kindred Bravely so wonderfully puts it….. this is NOT acceptable!

And ladies… we all know what happens when a Momma puts her mind to something. Tables turn. Things change. And now, a company that is 100% devoted to creating a line of maternity and postpartum clothes that are gorgeously chic, functional, comfortable, and FABULOUS is here to better serve you and I.


  • Your work as a breastfeeding, expectant, or seasoned mom is hands down THE MOST important work in the world.

  • YOU deserve to look and feel great

  • You deserve to be in the family of moms that truly sticks together (hence the name… Kindred)

  • You are BRAVE

  • You constantly pour out love to your littles and likewise, should be covered in maternity clothing that is all about LOVING YOU!

  • You are a Mom

  • You are nursing

  • You DESERVE to feel and to be dressed in affordable, luxurious nursing and postpartum clothing .

The Kindred Bravely line is available for you and I in 4 main categories:

  1. Bras and Underwear

  2. Tops and Bottoms

  3. Pajamas and Gowns

  4. Accessories

I am SUPER picky when it comes to selecting the right clothing for nursing and maternity wear, as I look for items that are going to fit not only my lifestyle, but will also allow me to feel beautiful and confident because let’s just get real… motherhood is HARD, but the journey is INCREDIBLE and you and I deserve to feel inspired, empowered, and confident (even on 4 hours of sleep ;)).

Here is where my experience with Kindred Bravely comes in! I received a few incredible pieces from this luxurious line and will review them for you below. Ladies, hear me when I say, when I find something that works… and I mean WORKS… you have got to get it in your cart!

Don’t forget to use your coupon! Just enter: BLOSSOM20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase (one use per customer)..

  • The French Terry Racerback Nursing and Sleep Bra

    • This is the first product I received and after swooning over the 2,057 4.5 star rated reviews, I TOTALLY understand why! The bra comes in 8 different colors and 12 different sizes so women of all shapes and sizes can totally ROCK this nursing bra. After putting the bra on, the first feature I noticed was the softness of the material. There is no scratch, no elastic, no underwire and it truly feels so comforting and supportive to the girls (if ya know what I mean!). The design is simple, elegant, classy, and easy to access as you and I can just slip-a-roo and little babe can be fed. I also enjoyed wearing this bra while walking on the treadmill, as it was supportive and comfortable. This bra is super affordable, coming in at $21.99! Ladies, get on it STAT! Select your color and add to your shopping cart here!

  • The French Terry Nursing Tank Top

    • This little beauty was another WIN in my books, as an absolute MUST HAVE for all my Mommas! Just like the Terry Bra above, this beauty is the ULTIMATE blend of comfort and practicality. The design is simple and the cross overland stretch fabric make for easy breastfeeding and beautiful clothing to wear in the house or while running errands. I have found that the tank is also great for layering, ladies! Throw your favorite cardigan over, add a pair of cute earrings and a splash of mascara and you are GOOD TO GO! The tank is also designed to fit multiple cup sizes, so as our breasts fluctuate with breastfeeding, we’re still able to enjoy this tank! Come SWOON with me over the French Terry top here!

  • The Lucille Nursing Nightgown and Maternity Lingerie

    • Raise your hand if you have been guilty your entire pregnancy of wearing your husbands extra large basketball shorts and t-shirts… (Please tell me I am not the only one!). Ladies, here is my short preach. NO MORE FRUMPY! NO MORE HUSBAND SHIRTS. NO MORE. NO MORE. NO MORE! You and I deserve to feel incredible with fresh, FUN, FABULOUS, and yes… feminine maternity gowns! Can you say hellllllooooo Lucille Nursing Nightgown! Ladies, this little beauty is super fun and sweet for both you and your hubby! I love the empire waist fit, perfect for a preggo or postpartum belly! Also, I found the built in bra with clip down cups to be a perfect option for late night feedings! Now tell me, which color will you be picking up?

  • Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

    • At first open, these beauties definitely had my heart. The nursing pads are SO soft and are designed beautifully, allowing for you and I to wash and reuse as we progress through our breastfeeding journey. The bag is adorable and water proof, so if your pad gets wet, it’s no biggie! You can use these pads with or without nipple cream and the thickness is awesome- not too thick, not too thin! With the 5 star rated reviews, you’ll TOTALLY understand why!

Ladies, I’ve found my match for incredible maternity wear and I hope you have too! Be sure to stock up on your favorite Kindred Bravely Items!

Don’t forget to use your coupon! Just enter: BLOSSOM20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase (one use per customer).