The Best Cardio Workout for Women!

Blossoming Mommy and Baby Crew! Y'all ready to get your heart rate up?! Our new Member's Cardio routine has been released! Remember, your workouts should have a steady blend of cardio, strength, and stretch! Lace up your sneakers + bring your #blossomingmommyandbaby routine with you outside, on the treadmill, or at the track! Blossom into your fitness, gals. Your time is NOW!

PS- WE WANT TO SEE YOUR SWEATY SELFIE! After you get your cardio in, be sure to check in with your #blossomingmommyandbaby community @blossomingmommyandbaby on Instagram! AND if you're ready for your post workout smoothie, checkout the options we have for you below! ENJOY, mama and get busy! :-)

  1. Blueberry Blitz Smoothie

  2. Strawberry Mango Smoothie

  3. Peanut butter Wakeup Smoothie

  4. Mason Jar Smoothies + Salads (Member's Only Access. Activate Your membership to view!)