Being BRAVE as a MOMMA with Kindred Bravely

FTC Disclaimer: Product and Compensation were received. All opinions are my own. 

Hi Momma!

I hope you are enjoying this sweet season of summertime~ it's such a magical time of the year, isn't it!? Whether you're in Alaska like me or soaking up the sunshine on the Golden Coast (or really...anywhere in between!), you are in for a treat today! I'll be sharing my absolute FAVORITE MATERNITY + NURSING WEAR LINE- KINDRED BRAVELY.

Before we dive into all the gear, let's take a moment to reflect on WHAT MAKES YOU BRAVE? This motto is a simple, but powerful message that Kindred Bravely shares and Mommas, it is something that you and I must truly take to heart.


For me, bravery comes down to deciding to be the best Mom I can be for Brody James EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yes, there are days when I feel like I'm failing as a Mom. When the house is dirty. When he's fighting a nap. When I can't seem to pull anything together, let alone get dinner on the table... but, ladies- I show up each day and I DO MY BEST. To me, that's what being brave is all about. Choose to show up. Choose to do your best. Choose to be present. My son needs me just like your kids need you.

What is Bravery in Motherhood to You? 

 Motherhood is NOT a job for the faint of heart. We’re nurturers. We’re up during long sleepless nights. We endure sore nipples to breastfeed our babes. We go through labor.




And we’re in this together.

Brave Moms take pride in raising children with unconditional love and support. Brave Moms know that we play a HUGE ROLE in shaping the future. You are brave. YOU ARE strong. You are worthy. Just like motherhood is FULL OF LOVE, Kindred Bravely is here rooting you on in Motherhood. We’re all on this amazing, incredible, and awe inspiring ride called Momma-hood together. So tell me and Brody, what makes YOU BRAVE? Show us on social! 

Every BRAVE Momma deserves to look + feel her best in this beloved season of life!

Whether you are expecting, nursing, or enjoying your postnatal season, you are going to absolutely FALL. IN. LOVE. with the inspiring line of gorgeous mama wear from Kindred Bravely. I love every piece from the organic bamboo nursing pads to the new Angelina nursing and maternity night gown (Don't worry... I'll go over ALL the products below!) and everything in between... the softness, comfort, functionality, fit, and style makes this Momma look (and feel) absolutely incredible.


Here's why we're OBSESSED with all things Kindred Bravely! 

  • Let's just state the obvious: their ENTIRE LINE of mama wear is INCREDIBLE. All of the pieces I received are of great quality and are very flattering to the body! Plus, they're super comfortable which is a HUGE win, as a lot of nursing and maternity wear can be rather itchy and unflattering :).

  • The Brave Mom mindset and message delivered on Kindred Bravely's social media channels, website, and the clothing packaging (via inspiring notes and encouraging clothing tags) is so uplifting and encourages us Mommas to truly live our best, bravest self!

  • Did I mention how comfortable and functional each piece of clothing is?! :) Just wanted to make sure you got the memo, girl!

  • Lastly, they truly care about us Mommas. From finding the PERFECT fit to going above and beyond to cultivate a community of women doing motherhood together (they even sent me a starbucks gift card on Mother's Day!).

Kindred Bravely, we are SO honored to parter with you and admire everything you stand for. Thank you for helping us Mommas look and feel our BEST! 


Ok, girls! Now I want to share a quick review on the pieces I received this month. Absolutely to die for! Grab your coupon (Use BLOSSOM20 for 20% off your order!) and get to shopping HERE! Trust me, your closet and budget will thank you!

The Angelina Nursing + Maternity Night Gown

  • Hi, GORGEOUS. Is this not the most form flattering piece, EVER?! Whether you're pregnant or nursing, this 2 in 1 gown is AMAZING. I've actually worn this piece out as a dress and around the house while breastfeeding Brody James and it is perfect for nursing! The style is super classy and the fabric... you guys. SO LUXURIOUS. SO FLOWY. SO SOFT. SOOOOOOO PERFECT for the hospital bag, a baby shower gift, OR as a gift to yourself because you TOTALLY deserve (and need) this piece in your life!


Limited Edition Organic Cotton Crossover Nursing + Sleep Bra

  • The first feature that I noticed when wearing this bra was the comfort level. I've had my fair share of nursing bras that pinch, poke, and scratch and this bra, Mommas... it's everything! There is no underwire and the fabric is AMAZING. The cotton is organic and can be worn easily either day or night. The form/fit is also great and allows our boobies to fluctuate (Thanks KB ;) ), all while being super functional for nursing. I love wearing this bra out for a light yoga or pilates session or while lounging around the house. It's PERFECT and super easy to breastfeed Mr. Brody in!


The Louisa Ultra High- Waisted Maternity & Pregnancy Leggings

  • Girl. STOP IT. These leggings are literally EVERYTHING. High-Waisted BLISS at your service! These babies are UBER fashionable and really, REALLY comfortable and supportive as well. These leggings are an extremely versatile piece, allowing pregnant moms to feel secure and supported and us nursing Mommas to feel like everything is heading back into place (if ya know what I mean ;)). The leggings are a perfect match to wear with the organic cotton nursing bra or really, any bra Kindred Bravely offers. They are durable and NOT see through, which I've grown to appreciate as a new Momma! These leggings are great for around the house- just layer a nursing tank over or your favorite (and COZIEST!) sweater. They're also great for going out... so if you've got a few errands to run or a date night with your hubby, grab your leggings and get on it, girl!


The Emmaline Maternity & Nursing Robe 

  • My absolute FAVE for early evening cookie baking (raise your hand if you're already in your pjs at 5pm! LOL. This Momma is!) late night nursing sessions, and lazy, cozy weekend mornings. This classy and comfy robe is an absolutely GEM, Mommas! Brian (my hubby) even commented on the appearance! The robe has deep pockets which make for an awesome hideout for your favorite BMAB approved snack, nursing pads, or a pacifier because hey... we do it all :) Use the silky smooth belt to tie a cute bow in the center or off to the side and you've got THE MOST flattering, modest lingerie ROBE EVER.


Okay, Mommas- RUN (don't walk!) to Kindred Bravely's site and get to shopping! We are SO honored to work with such an incredible brand that empowers us Mommas to look and feel our best! Make sure you use your coupon (BLOSSOM20) at checkout for 20% off your order (this coupon expires October 31, 2018). Once you fill your precious little cart up and your GORGEOUS package arrives, take a hot second (or two) to swoon over every beautiful detail, then take a pic and tag @blossomingmommyandbaby and @kindredbravely on INSTAGRAM so we can swoon and celebrate with you!

As Kindred Bravely so wonderfully puts, YOU ARE BRAVE! Now let's do this amazing motherhood journey together!

XOXO, Jennifer