Becoming The Modern Homemaking Momma You Were Meant To BE!

Hi Momma!

If you’re on the go today, no worries! I got you girl. Grab some coffee and listen in to this blog on our podcast show on iTunes- you’ll love it!)

I’m SO excited to be back with you today so we can tackle ALL THINGS modern mommas and homemaking!  Before I get started, I want you to recognize that YOU are 100% equipped and capable of designing, running, and loving a home that is truly BLOSSOMING with organization, nourishment, and LOVE.

Today I’m sharing my BEST TIPS for rocking this area of your life! I’ve learned SO MUCH since having sweet Brody James (read about our infertility journey here and listen to more about it here!) and know these tips are going to help YOU run your households as well. Let’s get started, shall we?

How To Become The Modern Homemaking Momma You Were Meant To BE! (Follow these steps!)

Before you establish yourself as a homemaking Momma, you first need to define what HOMEMAKING IS TO YOU and your family. As modern day Mommas, we all have different roles. We work inside the home, outside of the home, have 1 kiddo, have 5 kiddos… you get the FLOW :). Point being, homemaking is going to look different for everyone. So first, define what you want homemaking to mean for yourself and your family.

To me, homemaking is the ability for me to first love God and show His love in our home through design, scripture, food, love, prayer and cultivating relationships. This is the foundation for EVERYTHING I do from scrubbing floors to preparing meals… and yes, changing the 1,000,000 poopy diaper This perspective and heart posturing allows me to experience homemaking in a way that is both honoring and pleasing to the Lord and my family.

Once you define what homemaking IS, now it’s time to break it down into categories that will help you THRIVE and truly ENJOY your motherhood and homemaking journey!

Structure out your cleaning schedule

  • You Mommas know how important it is to get your home cleaning on a SCHEDULE and think about it… no one wants to live in a dirty, unorganized home. So, this is on you babe! Generate a cleaning schedule that fits for YOU and your family! Each day, pour into your home for 20-30 minutes in order to ensure that things are tidy, organized, and clean (ISH)

Meal Prep + Plan

  • Approaching your homemaking with a PLAN is what truly will set you off to the races, Momma! This mindset has GOT to take priority with your meals and what you feed that sweet family of yours! It takes time, YES. But you can do it. When your week is streamlined and you’ve got meals on the calendar and batched power balls made for snackies… you are decreasing stress levels, in control of healthy foods for your family, and probably the COOLEST Mom in your kiddos book with a fridge always stocked and prepared!

Discover the PURPOSE for your family

  • Now for a splash of intentionality and encouragement! I recently heard from my mentor a statement that has forever changed my outlook on life….. here’s the flow of it.. “If you’re not praying and actively seeking your family’s purpose, who is?” Wow… truth bomb, right Mommas?? What is the PURPOSE of your family? What are you called to do as a family? Who are you called to serve? What is your family’s mission statement? These are incredible questions to tackle and something that YOU can head up as the Momma of the house, and something our Grounded + Glowing ladies are MASTERS at achieving! GO GIRL!

Trust your ability to create a calm and safe environment

  • As Mommas, we are given the gift of NURTURE. Take pride in this, friend! Try thinking of fun and creative, calming ways that you can incorporate calmness and safety into your home. Simple touches like candles, aromatherapy, weekly bubbly baths, routine, structure, biblical praise and worship, and special occasion movie nights with a pan of fresh brownies or tea all ring a bell! Your personal touch is exactly what your family needs!

Take Care of YOURSELF

  • This…. just this. You gals know this is our signature message here at BMAB! When you’re taking care of YOU, you can better take care of everyone else in your family. Eat well. Exercise. Stress less. Pray more. Indulge in a good book or movie. Soak in the tub. Enjoy a glass of wine When Momma’s cup is full, she can pour greatly from it!

Open up your home to others

  • The bible tells us that we should open our homes and provide hospitality to those around us. So often it’s “easier” to just serve those in our home (and I’m right there with you gals!).. but what if we challenged ourselves to look around our community and open the door for those in need? What if we could provide a hot meal, a family game night, or maybe even offer a chair at the Thanksgiving table for someone in need? Open your eyes, heart, and home to those who may be looking for a place of refuge. You never know whose life you may change!

Ok, Mommas! There you have it! How will you be implementing these homemaker tips into your life and routines? Take a beautiful photo and let me know on INSTAGRAM! I can’t wait to see  AND if this blog was helpful, please share!