Becoming a Gospel Centered Woman

Hey girl! We enjoy each season but we really love these cold, dark Alaska winters because they demand that we slow down, shelter in the warmth of our homes and tend to our souls. Winter is for family, friends, feasting, renewal, reflection and preparing our hearts for the promise of spring. It is the perfect time to praise Jesus for his unlimited grace, recommit to His mission and become the gospel centered woman we were always meant to be.

What does it mean to be gospel-centered? There are many interpretations but we think the best is: viewing our lives, experiences, challenges and triumphs in light of the gospel. At first glance, that might sound simple but the reality is that we are often too self-centered and/or preoccupied to do this after all, we are broken sinners. But take heart because Jesus clothed us in his righteousness and promises of redemption. Becoming and being a gospel centered woman takes time, patience, self-awareness and persistence. We must consciously choose to view life (the good and the bad) through His word and trust in the path that He has laid for us. How do we do that?

  1. Plant the seed of the gospel in your heart and tend to it.This means reading, listening, writing and reflecting on His word. The more we learn the more we understand and the nearer we draw to Him.

  2. Live the gospel everyday. Repent and forgive. Be humble of heart. Extend and receive grace. Refrain from judgement. Have a servants heart. Sets your sights above.

  3. Build a church family. God wants us to experience true fellowship. Doing so requires that we invest time and energy in building relationships with others. Join a small group, open your home for a bible study, volunteer at a church event, spread His word and show His love through your actions.

  4. Choose faith over fear. When you face what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, do not despair. Each challenge is an opportunity to either grow stronger in faith or give into fear. Choose faith. Trust in God’s plan for you. If this is something you are tired of struggling with, look into our Grounded and Glowing Program.

Sister, life can be hard but you are never alone. If you are feeling overwhelmed and tapped out, find comfort in His word, get involved in your church, join our Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community or follow us on Instagram. You are so loved and you deserve to know that each and every day!