Become a Potty Training Ninja!


Mommas, you asked and we listened! Today we're SO EXCITED to break down the 411 on becoming a potty training ninja!  Make sure to bring your patience along, as stress won't help you or your kids during this transition. If nothing else, ALWAYS come back to this TOP reminder. This encouragement is just as much for you as it is for your toddlers! <3


Create Your Plan

When creating your plan, think about your individual child’s needs and meet them where they are in their own development. If you think about the following questions and the answers that best fit your kiddos ahead of time, it will save you from getting frustrated. Since you will have already developed a personalized plan that fits your toddler and you best, there will be no need to panic! When things aren't working, you can revisit these questions and answers and see where you specifically need to change your approach, rather than throwing in the towel and quitting...none of that here, mama!!

The Preparation

First, select your days on the calendar. Give your kids (and yourself) enough time to train, if nothing else, for your sanity in that once it's over you will have a potty trained toddler to show for it. Typically a long holiday weekend tends to be a good time to devote to potty training!

Now.....ask yourself these questions:

  • What useful tools will you need? Do you prefer a potty training app (there are TONS), a print out, or other helpful tracking methods for you and your babe?

  • Will you use pull ups for naps and/or nighttime?

  • Do you need to purchase extra clothes for your toddler (and for yourself) depending on how big the accident? (There will be accidents ;) )

  • Do you need to purchase extra undies, pull ups, towels, baby wipes for easy clean up?

  • How will you keep your babes hydrated (water, juice, both?)

The Build Up

  • How will you create excitement with your kiddo about potty training?

  • Do they get excited knowing that they are getting older, bigger, and growing up to be a big boy/girl?

  • Have they been curious about the potty, maybe asking questions?

  • Is it encouraging for them to know what it means that they are old enough and now get to use the potty?

  • Will they get to pick out big kid pull-ups/underwear (depending on your approach) with their favorite animated characters on them?

  • Will they get to create a sticker chart and pick out their own stickers?

  • Will there be small prizes for every time they go on the potty? Or one large prize after they go on the potty x number of times?

  • Will they get to pick out all of their own potty prizes? Just the last big one?

The Potty Training Process

  • Will you automatically set them on the seat every 30 minutes?

  • Will you ask them every 30 minutes if they feel like they need to go?

  • Will you use the adult potty with a step stool & potty seat or a toddler potty?

  • Will you use the nakey method, underwear method, pull up method, other?

  • Will you clean up your child’s accidents, or have your child help as part of the potty training learning process?

The Celebration

  • Will you celebrate only after they use the potty for the first time, or every time?

  • Will you celebrate for #1 and #2? Or only for #2?

  • What will your celebrations be? A dance party, play their favorite song, candy, stickers, sticker chart, a small prize, a big prize, a combination of some or all of these?

Remember Mommas.... you'll MOST LIKELY want to quit and will question your decision to do this, your toddler’s readiness, and your sanity. Trust your intuition and know that your little one CAN do this, so if you get frustrated (we are human), don’t let your babes see. Take a quick break, revisit how you answered these questions, then get right back in there and encourage your little guy/girl on their potty journey!

I would LOVE to hear your potty training success stories, mama! Comment below or tag us at #blossomingmommyandbaby on social media.

xoxo, Jenni