Become an EXPERT at controlling YOUR Chaos and Kid’s Schedules

True or False:

  • You never feel relaxed at home

  • You’re never on time

  • You can never find what you’re looking for

  • There is never a sense of rhythm or routine at your house

If you answered TRUE to any of the above topics, I am going to take a WILD GUESS that your home feels like a swarming ball of CHAOS.

Am I right, Momma? If so, don’t worry, today I’ll be sharing some of my best practices for keeping the chaos at bay (on most days ) and truly stepping into a home and rhythm of life that truly FLOWS.


Inside my postpartum plan, BLOSSOM AFTER BABY, I have seen firsthand the overwhelming amount of you Mommas who are drowning in life’s (and motherhood’s) chaos prior to enrolling in the program. Although I do walk you through creating structures and systems, no matter the training or preparation, motherhood can still be and feel a bit messy for all of us! Between kid’s schedules, keeping up with the house, dinner, family events, church, and community outings, it’s NO WONDER we all feel like we’re drowning in the abyss that is MOTHERHOOD.

What if I told you there was a way to rise ABOVE the chaos? Although I don’t have the answers to a “perfect life”, I DO have some tips that will help you restructure your mind and your thinking in order to effectively control the chaos and your kids schedules.

Let’s dive in!

First- Acknowledge if your house is truly in a chaotic state.

As I always say in my programs and courses, self awareness is KEY to making any change. The same goes for your lifestyle, Momma. If you want to change the chaos, you first must recognize there is a problem, THEN commit to change. Take a good audit on your lifestyle. Does it feel messy? Overwhelming? Like you’re lacking priorities and structure? If it feels this way, it’s most likely because it IS this way. Again, recognition is KEY to change anything!

Second- It’s time to make the change!

Now that you’ve acknowledged a place in your life (and home) where you’d like to see change, it’s time for us to actually put in the WORK to see that change come to fruition!

  • Purge and Clean your environment. I frequently state inside Grounded and Glowing (my stress + anxiety course), that our environment has a HUGE impact on our energy (and it’s SO TRUE)! Plan time this weekend to purge out your home. Get rid of things that no longer serve you or your family and develop a good cleaning routine.

  • Prioritize Your Kid’s Schedules. Again, similar to prioritizing YOUR calendar, I want YOU to take charge of your kid’s calendars. Cohesively work together with your children to determine what is important to them. From there, YOU set the time and commitment boundaries. Personally, I think that children today are extremely over scheduled. It’s okay to have quiet, slow time at home. It’s okay for your kids to be bored. You got this, Momma!

  • Practice Running Your Home With Confidence and Simplicity. Yep, you heard me! I want you to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Switching from chaotic living to a more controlled lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight- so give yourself some grace, girl! Slow and steady subtle lifestyle shifts are going to be your BEST FRIEND here! Just practice each day and night a more controlled and calm approach to motherhood. On days when you feel out of touch or out of control, simply audit where it is that you are unwinding, and work to collectively bring yourself back to center. Remember~this is a journey!

Lastly, Remember to ENJOY.

Often we can get caught in the “checklist” mindset of motherhood and learning how to manage your home is no different. Remember to truly ENJOY the process of decluttering and simplifying your motherhood so you can not only experience more calmness and cohesiveness as a family, but also so you can be fully present and aware of the everyday moments and experiences. As a bonus, remember that kid’s and adults alike are negatively impacted when chaos and overwhelm take priority! Let’s make a commitment as #Blossomingmommyandbaby women to enjoy our motherhood journey, while embracing and “controlling” the chaos that comes with it!

Where do you feel most chaotic in your motherhood journey? Let me know in the comments below or over on Instagram!

xoxo, Jen