Baby Massage: "I Love You" Routine

Baby massage. One of the most common and universal practices between mother (or caregiver) and baby to promote a therapeutic and healing relationship. Did you know that baby massage has been an integral practice in many countries all of over the world and is just now taking roots in the Western culture? Exciting? Yes! (And about time!)

Although this article will not discuss baby massage and its benefits, it will discuss an important routine, the "I Love You" routine that helps in relieving colic, gas pain, and constipation.

To perform this routine, lay your baby on his/her back. Gently rub your hands together with a natural oil (coconut, avocado, olive oil, grape seed oil- ensuring that your sweet little has no skin reaction or allergies!)

Next, Gently stroke down (your right, baby's left side of the tummy), making the "I" letter.


Next, starting from the left side (your left), gently stroke or draw and upside down "L" (We're tracing the transcending and descending colon here).

Finally, finish your tummy routine starting from the left side (your left), gently stroking/drawing and upside down "U". (Up the ascending colon, across the transcending, and down the descending).

The length of this routine is dependent on your baby. I have worked with a variety of  kiddos who have tolerated just 2 "I Love You" sequences and others that have tolerated between 5-8 sequences.

End the routine by gently pushing your baby's feet to his/her tummy. A little gas may release here (and that's a good thing!) Also, make sure you do not massage on a full stomach.

Enjoy, Moms and get to massaging that sweet baby of yours!

Remember, our full course teaching you HOW to massage will be released soon. Please see above for details.

Much love,