Asics Event + Community Meet UP!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are starting to BLOSSOM! 


Spring will be here before we know it, ladies and there's absolutely NO better time than right now to get busy with focusing in on your health (and the health of your littles!) Y'all, we have SO many surprises coming for you- two of those being the launches of our new books! You will have direct access to them and will be the first to find out about the new #Blossomtobefit challenges launching the first of EVERY MONTH.

I know. SO FUN. More soon too! :) 

For now, enjoy your Sunday (and Happy Easter!) 

We are anxiously awaiting to spill some more exciting news for you...something in the line of me, you, your girlfriends, the #blossomtobefit community, Asics, yoga, running, vino, and wine country.... I know, I know, the #blossomtobefit woman's dream!

More soon, ladies!

Be blessed and let's make it a great week!