Are You a Momma With Low Self-Confidence? Do These 5 Things!


Hey there, gorgeous Momma! Do you find yourself struggling with low-self confidence or low self-esteem? If so you’re not alone. Over the past 5 years of running BMAB, this is truly one of the most underling questions and struggles women come to me for help with. Take a DEEEEP breath girl! I’m here for you and today we’re going to TACKLE this topic HEAD ON so you can truly walk the wallllllk in your Momma-hood journey! I’ll be brushing the surface here today girls, so if this post really helps your mindset, be sure to dive in deeper with us inside The Blossom After Baby, Postpartum Plan!


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Follow These BMAB Approved Action Steps, STAT!

  1. STOP comparing your Mom journey to those on social media and in your community

    • It’s REAL easy these days to get caught up in the “grass is always greener” syndrome… ESPECIALLY when it comes to motherhood, our children, our “mom bod”, home, lifestyle… THE LIST GOES ON. Mommas, when we can all just take a step back to BREATHE and stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing, better energy, happiness, and clarity will be pouring out of your heart and into the hearts of those that you love. Comparison is an endless trap. Do it and you’ll be drained and angry on the regular. Learn to be done with it and you’ll unlock an entire new perspective and outlook on what truly matters in life (YOUR LIFE.. not hers).

  2. STOP trying to be the PERFECT MOM

    • NEWFLASH! She doesn’t exist! If you continually strive to be the perfect Mom, with perfect hair, perfect makeup, a perfect, organized, lego free, stain free, meltdown free home… you’re going to make yourself INSANE. And worse- the external pressures you continually put on yourself will cause you to FALL SHORT every single day. So relax. Be structured (“ish”), go with the flow, and honestly gals- just show up and do your best everyday. There will be days when you are more productive then others and days when you kids just need you to BE. SO JUST BE. And be okay with it.


    • One of my all time favorite books is called Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. Lisa talks about how we have a fierce, lioness on the inside and I truly believe this is NOT excluded from Motherhood. Be confident in your decisions. Be confident in saying YES OR NO to something. Be confident in what you feel is right in your heart. Be confident in your decisiveness because we all know, Momma ALWAYS knows best and what’s best for her kids. You are FIERCE Momma! OWN IT and PLAY TO YOUR MOMMA STRENGTHS!


    • Emotions, mom wins, mom fails, the whole journey of motherhood…. it kinda just has an ebb and flow to it, right?? So OWN IT, girl! If you’re having an off day, don’t plaster on a fake, surface level smile. Find a friend, mentor, or family member who you can pour your heart out to… the ugly cry and all ;). One of the WORST things we can do as Mommas is just STUFF or numb out our emotions. Be aware of your energy throughout the day. Own it. Acknowledge it. Improve it. Define it. If you need help in this area- we NAIL DOWN this strategy and positive approach to motherhood (don’t just check motherhood of your list of things to do in life) inside the Postpartum Method, Blossom After Baby.

  5. Your Kids will model YOUR behavior

    • The responsibility and impact we have as Moms is kind of insane, right? We have SO much influence over our children and are truly laying the foundation for how and what they will grow into as adults. Your kids need a Momma who is confident and humble in who she is, showing and living with joy and abundance no matter the season! Show (and teach) your children what it’s like to live a life that truly matters. You’ve got this, Momma.

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