Why Americord is the leading banker (Compared to other large bankers)

FTC Disclaimer: Product was received. All opinions are my own.

Hi Mommas!

It’s so great to be back with you today as we continue to discuss all things Blood Banking with our friends from Americord! As you know, we partnered with Americord to store Brody’s cord blood, cord tissue, and my placenta tissue. I discuss all this in detail on our podcast and past blog posts, so make sure to check up on them if you’d like to learn more!

Today in particular, I want to share why Americord is the LEADING banker in comparison to other and larger bankers. First, you gals know our experience with Americord was absolutely fantastic! They made us feel like family throughout the entire process, before, during, and after labor and delivery. Although I don’t have personal experience with other bankers, the customer service, compassion, organization, and professionalism we experienced at Americord was excellent.

Now, one of the biggest concerns most people have when considering any type of blood banking is the financial cost.

When looking at the finical breakdown as provided by Americord on their website, you can clearly see from the graph and visuals that Americord costs less than other banks. What’s important to note here is that in addition to the lower cost, you’re also storing twice as many stems cells (from the cord blood, placenta, and blood tissue) for a true fraction of the price. In comparison to other banks, it’s important to note that Americord is a private bank, meaning they collect, process, and store the stem cells for the family whose they belong to.

Americord provides HIGH STANDARDS. They use the only sterile, FDA approved cord blood bag, do not have an annual storage or cancellation fee(s), have an FDA/AABB Accredited lab and FDA approved C-section bag, AND offer up to $90,000 quality insurance (up to 20 years).

I love that they parter and innovate with leading researchers and institutions, continually evolving to provide the best service for you and I.

Americord is also one of the only banks that offers placenta tissue banking (in addition to cord blood and cord tissue). This is so important, ladies because the more stem cells you can bank from, the more options you have to pull from if needed.

We thoroughly loved working with and highly recommend Americord to families looking to bank. Americord also offers a great comparison chart on their website for advanced comparisons with other banks. Do the research for yourself mommas! I think you’ll find the greatness Americord has to offer right at your fingertips!

Americord, we love you!