Sweaty HIIT Burnout

As Blossoming Mommy and Baby Women, you know the importance of a HIIT {High Intensity Internal Training} workout! Intense bursts of cardio + strength amount to fat loss, muscle building, stress releases, and yes, tons and tons and tons of SWEAT! Ladies, hear me when I say I always recommend scheduling your workouts during the week with a great mixture of strength, cardio, HIIT, and yes, REST! Today's featured workout will give you an extra BURNOUT to any strength, cardio, or HIIT routine. {Screen Shot the workout and get to it!}

AND if you're looking for an extra sweat today, pair The Sweaty HIIT BURNOUT with this quick commercial break workout or the at home band routine for an extra sweat and strength session!

Now get busy + don't forget to check with your Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community after your done using #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby!