8 DIY Car Hacks to Make Summer Road Trips w/ the Fam a BREEZE!

Whether you are reading this live (in July :))  or in the midst of winter, the tips and life hacks we go over today are crucial for a savvy and enjoyable car ride experience when littles are on board. You ready, Momma?! Let's get your hacks underway! 

8 DIY Car Hacks to make summer road trips w/ the Fam a BREEZE!

  1. Keep a Snack Basket On Hand! For your simplicity, next time you head into target, grab a storage basket and keep it handy JUST for your car! Before you head out for your long drive, fill the basket up with healthy fruits, vegetables, granola bars, trail-mix, water, and fruit snacks! Keep it healthy. Keep it simple. Keep it FULL of fresh yummies for your littles :)

  2. Have an Emergency Pouch. Similar to the snack basket, I want you to keep a pouch of some type (or basket!) that is filled with emergency or first aid items- from bandaids, ibuprofen, chapstick, hair ties, tampons, and more.

  3. Use water bottles with straws instead of open cups. Save yourself the mess, Momma! Come prepared with any drinks you desire for your littles- just make sure they are secured with a top and straw, permitting NO spillage and NO mess!

  4. DIY your own trash bag for the car! Instead of letting garbage pool up, designate one grocery bag strictly for trash. This will save you time and MESS!

  5. Pack fun bags for your kiddies. Okay, girls. Can we get real for a sec? This is my FAVORITE tip/hack for you! Whether you are stocking up at the target dollar bin or snagging some dollar store finds, fill goodie bags for your kiddos to open for every hour on your trip! This will keep them occupied and entertained throughout the drive!

  6. Keep a charger on tap. As rack you rack up the miles, make sure your phone(s) are staying fully charged. You never know when you might need to use your phone (and Siri at that ;) ). So stay on the safe side and keep your phone charged up!

  7. Don't forget the pillows! With long drives comes intermittent naps. Make sure your kids (and co-piolet) are staying comfortable and well rested by throwing in small pillows and blankets.

  8. Use Audio! I am not a big fan tv and movies in the car. Instead, make sure you have a great playlist for the whole family, stories on tape, audible, or podcasts. The power of audio is HUGE! Have a sing-a-long, listen to a classical story, OR learn together via podcasts (like The Blossom To Be Fit Show :) )

There you have it ladies! What hacks are your favorites? Anymore you can think of? Let us know, we would LOVE to see!