6 Practical Ways to Add MEANING to Motherhood!

As mommas, we are QUEENS of the mundane… Dirty diapers, sweeping crumbs, cooking dinner… Who’s with me?! These things can easily FILL an entire day (I mean, you should do them AND do them well), but you are called to so, so much more! Here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby, we are ALLLLL about creating a meaningful, purpose FILLED motherhood, so let’s get after it, girl!

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Here are 6 practical ways to add MEANING to your motherhood.


Let your most boring, mindless tasks become an intentional time of prayer. As you fold socks, pray over where those precious, adorable feet will walk. As you change diapers, pray over your baby’s health. As you clean the house, pray peace over your home!


Momma, I’m going to ask you a tough love question here… What is the posture of your heart as your cleaning up a sticky mess for the 59383th time? Or when you’re cooking dinner? Are you grumbling or are you grateful? I believe that our days will be RADICALLY transformed if we set our hearts and our minds on what we are thankful for. PS… you can learn ALLLL my secrets for cultivating MORE gratitude in your home here!

Mind your mind

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am a HUGE proponent for managing your thought life! Momma, you’ve got to take care of your mind. Make it a priority to check your thought life on the regular. If this is a struggle for you, I designed Grounded and Glowing to specifically teach and equip you to own your mind game FOR GOOD!!!


Be your BEST self today! Yes, even the most boring household tasks can be done with excellence. Please note: excellence is not perfection!!! Excellence is showing up fully for whatever it is you are doing. EMBRACE the moments, the tasks, and the to do lists like the ROCKSTAR momma that you are!


Throw on some music and worship while you wash those dishes, sister!!! A few of my fav worship songs right now are Greater by Mercy Me and Lord I Need You by Matt Maher! Don’t underestimate the power of praise!! God wants to be a part of everything in your life, even the boring stuff! And girl… if you find yourself struggling with how to incorporate God in the midst of your busy LIFE— I have a few extra tips that may just help you get over that hump!

Have Fun!

Uhm… Easier said than done, right? YOU own your motherhood! Who says that your kitchen can’t double as a dance floor? Why can’t loading the washing machine be a game of basketball for you and your toddler? How fast can you clean every toilets in your house? Keep it fresh, keep it FUN!!

Sister, you got this! Remember that you are equipped with everything you need to be a GREAT parent. Promise. Agree with me know that you are going to commit to living and leading your best life. And remember! If you’re stuck in the Momma rut, I’ve got ALL the tools you need to build your bridge to nourishing meals, realistic #momgoals, and an uber positive approach to motherhood! Blossom After Baby is your answer and was created to help YOU take charge of your health, happiness, and longevity as a modern, busy Momma! Join us!

What is one way you plan on adding meaning to your mundane tasks TODAY? Let us know how you’re going to sprinkle meaning into motherhood in the comments below + tag us on social media at @blossomingmommyandbaby #blossomingmommyandbaby!