6 Natural Home Remedies For Headaches

Hey Mama! We have an exciting piece to share with you today! If you're feeling a headache come on (today or in the future!), make sure you explore with these natural remedies below before reaching for an over the counter or drugstore find. (*Doctor permitted.. of course!)


Below you'll find my 6 natural remedies for headaches- remedies we use on a regular basis and tips that I hope will help naturally alleviate any pain you may be having! Remember, if you are experiencing headaches on a consistent basis, you should go seek professional advice from your medical doctor.


6 Natural Remedies For Headaches: 

  1. Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil: Both peppermint and lavender can help in alleviating headaches and accommodating symptoms. Peppermint can be used topically with a carrier oil (coconut oil) or diffused for aromatherapy. If applying topically, apply to the temple area, jaw, and back of the neck. Diffuse lavender for a relaxing and aromatic experience.

  2. Facial + Temporal Massage: Gently applying a facial or temporal massage can be an excellent way to help the body releases tension and built up stress.

    • Circular motions under the eyebrows

    • Circular motions near the temples

    • Circular motions on the jaw

    • Kneading massage on the upper back

  3. Natural Diet: Eliminating processed foods, gluten (this can be a HUGE trigger for individuals with gluten sensitivity!), high sugary foods, alcohol, and excess caffeine can help to alleviate headaches, inflammation, and yes even bloating!

  4. Stretch + Foam Roll: Poor posture, stiffness, and built up tension can all lead to increased headaches and stress.

    • Gently foam roll upper back

    • Vertically position back (central) on foam roller

    • Gently tilt head towards floor, with both hands supporting head and neck behind

    • Gently tilt head to right shoulder, then left shoulder

    • Yoga!

  5. Hydration: Not getting enough water can certainly cause a headache. Make sure you're sipping water, fruit infused water, and hydrating fruits/vegetables throughout your day to ensure proper hydration and nourishment!

  6. Relaxation: Seems like a no-brainer, right? Think again! Constantly living in "high-stress mode" can actually equate to headaches, jaw aches, body pain, and more. Relaxation is a key piece in living well, balanced, and calm.

This post is not meant to treat or diagnosis and should not take place over your medical doctor.