5 Ways to Stay FIT this Summer!

Ladies, the 4th is official behind us and it's time to get our SUMMER GLOW ONNNNN! Can you believe we are already rockin' and a rollin' through July!? It's our FAVE month here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby and we want to make sure YOUR month is just as FAB.



Alright, girl... sharing 5 gorgeous tips to help you stay fit and fresh this summer, whether you're traveling, lounging at home, or working like a BOSS, we're here for you and want to make sure you're staying in tiptop shape, no matter what your circumstance!

Enjoy the tips below!



5 Ways to Stay FIT this Summer 

  1. Plan for success. Whether you're traveling or at home, the best way to ensure your eating is on track is to plan and prep EVERY WEEK. We take every Sunday to prep and cut fruits and veggies, different proteins, nuts, healthy snacks, and more. Plan out every detail, from lunches, to dinner, and everything in between. Trust us, it will make unhealthy splurges less tempting and your week on AUTOMATION MODE.

  2. Drink up! Staying hydrating is one of your first lines of defense for staying trim, un-bloated, and cleansed. Try infusing your water with citrus fruits for a fun and fresh flavor.

  3. Get your workout on. Whether you're in a new place or at home, keeping your workouts on point this summer are 100% non-negotiable. Take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and fresh air. Feel it on your face. Embrace the warmth and GO girl.

  4. Be that person. Yup, that person! The person who brings a healthy dish to the party- whether it be a healthy sangria, veggie tray, fruit platter, or healthy dessert. It's totally OKAY and something your friends may just LOVE! You never know who you will be inspiring!

  5. Give yourself some grace. So you splurge..... that's okay, girl! We all do! Best thing you can do? Get back to your normal eating and exercise routine. Don't dwell on it. Move on and move that body!