5 Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

  1. Stay Well Nourished

    • You've heard this before and it's true! Staying well nourished throughout your day is a key factor in healthy, long-lasting energy ALL DAY LONG.

    • Pack healthy snacks + drinks for the day to ensure your blood sugar and energy levels are well regulated.

    • Remember, eliminate ALL processed foods and drinks. If you want to feel your best, eat your best.

  2. Keep a Regular Exercise Routine

    • Part of keeping your energy levels balanced means keeping your body in MOTION! Make sure you're exercising on a regular basis. Whether you're a morning, afternoon, or evening gal, keep your workouts regular.

    • Need a list of exercise ideas? Check em' out below!

  3. Stay Hydrated

    • Water, fruit infused water, coconut water, and pressed juices are an AMAZING way to re-fuel and rehydrate (and maintain hydration!) for your body.

    • Eliminate sodas, high sugary juices, and excessive caffeinated drinks, as these will attribute to dehydration.

  4. Embrace Nature

    • Get out and feel the majestic sun rays on your face, the beachy breeze in your hair, or the crisp air on your skin! Ladies, there's something SO MAGICAL about being out in nature; especially for the body-mind-soul connection.

    • Take at least 20 minutes everyday to experience and embrace nature.

    • Being out in nature is also an excellent way to soak in vitamin D for rejuvenation and life!

  5. Don't Skimp on Sleep

    • Although sleep seems like an easy option to give up, it's absolutely non-negotiable for your health, vitality, and yes, energy level!

    • Women should be getting an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

    • Simple strategies such as unplugging at least 1 hour before bed, setting an early bedtime, and calming the house (dimmed lighting, aromatherapy, candles, soft music) all help in getting a great night's rest.

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