5 Ways I am Caring for My Body During Our Fertility Journey

Two years ago, Brian and I started our journey towards becoming parents. What started out as our heart’s desire to grow our family quickly became a journey we weren’t expecting, but to this day, I can truly say God has taught us so much about each other, His Glory, His timing, and the true blessing of children!

Alrighty, ladies… here are your tips! Please write them down or print out this blog and implement them into your lifestyle if you are beginning your prenatal/TTC journey or thinking about becoming pregnant within the next year! Remember, you have the innate ability to discover (and apply!)  healthy habits that will help bring you closer to optimal fertility and wellness before and throughout your pregnancy journey. Trust yourself and your body, Momma!

This blog post  (and our Pregnancy Prep Program)  will help teach you how to create the safest and healthiest environment (both internally and externally) for you and your baby. Let’s get to it!!

5 Basic Steps in Preparing for optimal fertility


  1. Notice, I didn’t say “diet.” Sister friend, we are NOT going on a diet. Diets are restrictive. Instead, we’re focusing on creating and establishing healthy, wholesome habits that will leave you and baby well nourished and absolutely full of yummy fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, vitamins, minerals and MORE! From prenatal vitamins, to daily smoothies......remember, what you eat will directly impact your baby and his/her future, development, and growth. That being said, the healthier you are, the healthier your baby is going to be. For a complete look into what you should and shouldn’t be eating during each stage of pregnancy, prenatal, and postnatal—> GET YOUR DETAILS HERE!

  2. PS, If you haven’t heard of PregPrep– get on it sister! Our favorite Pregnancy Prep brand for Momma + Daddy!

Step 2: Clean up that environment!

  1. Harmful chemicals can be found in the air, in our home, in cleaning products, in our water, can be tracked in from outside….. basically anything and everywhere. Thus, it is absolutely VITAL for you to be equipped with the tools and skills to recognize and purify your environment before conception so you can ultimately reduce your (and your littles!) exposure to toxicity that could potentially lead to illnesses, diseases, cancers, birth defects, and more. It is SO important to master this skill.

Step 3: Finding God

  1. There is SO MUCH importance in connecting and finding your inner peace through spirituality. As women, it is easy to fall captive in believing that busy is normal. Loud is normal. Having a packed schedule is normal…. What if I told you, it’s not? What if I told you it’s up to us to create self-portals throughout the day to connect with God? Finding balance in your spirituality and relationship with God will transform who you are from the inside out. Pray for your pregnancy. Pray for your sweet and growing baby. Remember, children are a blessing from the Lord. I truly challenge you to see His grace and GLORY in every step of pregnancy and motherhood. Even amidst the challenging days. He is with you, always!

Step 4: Exercise!

  1. One of the most important steps you can take in preparing your body for baby is through a healthy dose of exercise. Not too much, as this could be detrimental to your body and chance of conception… and not too little, as our bottom line is to establish a healthy exercise routine (which is going to be specific per person and per pregnancy). My best piece of advice for you is to discuss with your doctor what would be best for your body and your current pregnancy.

  2. Physical activity plays a large role in overall health and wellness and can contribute to a healthy conception. (You ladies know this!)

    • Benefits of Exercise Include (but are not limited to….)

      • Weight Control

      • Mood booster

      • Energy booster

      • Fights of Disease and illnesses

      • Strengthens the immune system

      • Mental clarity

      • Stress reduction

  3. Exercise Option For You Include:

    • Yoga

    • Pilates

    • Jogging

    • Light weight lifting

    • Swimming

    • Biking

    • Walking

Step 5: Relationships

  1. Relationships play a huge role in our lives. As you begin to prepare for baby, it’s more important now than ever to take a look deep inside your friendships, relationships, and the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis. You will be the healthiest and happiest when your relationships are loving, nurturing, supportive, and friendly. Good relationships will inspire you. They’ll lift you up, push you to be a better individual, and they’ really inspire you to live every day to its fullest. That’s some powerful energy, ladies… AND these are the kind of people you need to be around.

  2. Toxic relationship will do just the opposite. Toxic relationships will leave you upset, confused, broken, sad, and any other negative emotion you would like to enter. Life’s too short and your baby and YOU are too precious to waste your time and energy on relationships that are harmful and hurtful. So, just like we are cleaning up every other area in your life, it’s time to clean up your relationships. As you move and grow through life, new people are going to come in and out. Learn to let go of the bad and embrace the new. Embrace the happy. Embrace the change. LIFE IS CHANGE and that’s okay. So often we’re afraid to let go of what we know… of what is comfortable, even if it is hindering our health. Let it go, ladies.The additional stress can negatively impact everything from hormonal imbalance, headaches, fatigue, and more.

  3. Bottom Line: Healthy, supportive relationships are vital for you and baby!

“A healthy relationship doesn’t drag you down. It inspires you to be better.” ~ Mandy Hale

Remember, ladies- preparing for your baby is something that you can fully take part in! Although there are things that are out of our control, there are things that you can control (like what we went over above!).

One of the biggest lessons God has taught us during or season of waiting is that we were not ready- emotionally, physically, or spiritually. We wanted to grow our family my last year of grad school and looking back now, I am so thankful that didn’t happen.

There was so much stress in our lives- from studying to moving, residency, boards, and everything in between. To date, God has allowed Brian and I to grow closer and has ultimately matured our spiritual walk (and marriage) for the awakening and welcoming of children.

I feel more alive and hungry for the Lord than ever and believe He is truly preparing my heart to become a Mommy SOON. Ladies, I can’t explain it. It’s just this deep, maternal feeling inside.

Before I close, allow me to speak words of encouragement over your fertility journey- whether you are in the season of waiting, miscarriages, fertility appointments (which we have had a ton of) or just plain frustration- Remember that we serve and amazing God! He can work miracles. Believe in your baby(ies) and His will and call for your life.

Please let us know how we can be lifting you up in prayer!

If you would like more information on preparing your body, mind, home, and soul for baby- I highly encourage you to join the many women who have gone through out pregnancy prep program! You will absolutely love it, Momma. It can be completed ON YOUR TIME and you have access to it for life (and each pregnancy).