5 Tips for Organization This Summer!

Wohoooo! Mommas, Summer is OFFICIALLY HERE! We have had the most memorable weekend and cannot wait to share why with you very soon! For now, let’s celebrate together with getting YOUR organization on point. Why? Organization is EVERYTHING. If you are familiar with BMAB, you ladies KNOW this is a key piece in creating calmness, creativity, and productivity inside your home. So, let’s get to it, shall we?! Remember, girl- take it ONE DAY at a time. So often we as women have that “all or nothing” attitude. Meaning we want to get everything done in a hot second. Take my advice and chill Slow and steady is KEY for sustaining lifelong HEALTHY habits (like organization!).

5 Tips for Organization This Summer!

  • Tip #1: DECLUTTER

    • Ahh, the practice of decluttering! Ladies, this is so important for cleaning up, clearing out, and removing unwanted and unnecessary items and energy from your space. Start with one room and COMPLETE IT before moving onto the next. Cabinets, drawers, chairs, beds, storage, bathrooms, the list goes on! Go through clothes, workout gear, baby clothes, old dishes, office supplies, bathroom supplies, decor that is no longer in use or in style… There is SO MUCH space to free up in your house. Release the need to hold onto things that no longer serve you. Donate. Sell it. Share it. One person’s junk is another’s treasure- remember that.

  • Tip #2: Plan Your Summer With a Calendar!

    • Scheduling isn’t just for school! One of the best tips I can give you for staying organized this summer is to PLAN IT OUT with a calendar! From summer vacations to t-ball practices, camping trips, swim lessons, and everything in between… when you have it on the calendar, Momma GOT GAME. Whether you find a cute chalkboard calendar or have a pocket book planner, when you write down monthly events and weekly practices, you will have more control over your time and days!


    • Okay you guys… this is SO FUN! DIY Grab bags are PERFECT to keep in the back of your car or in the mudroom for a spur of the moment trip to the beach, practice, park, or neighbor hood block party! All you will need is a cheap tote (think Target, ladies!) and the essentials to fill! Here are some of my must haves in our Blossom tote grab bag-a-roos!

      • Water

      • Sunscreen

      • Granola Bars

      • Sunglasses

      • Candles

      • Balls (soccer, tennis, beach ball)

      • Outdoor Blanket

      • Chapstick

      • Coloring Books and/or Novels

      • Gum

      • Hats (beanies, base ball, sun hats)

  • Tip #4: Revamp your Home Style + Kitchen foods!

    • Easy-Peasy, my loves! As we welcome in new seasons, be sure to update summer pieces (including florals, print, throws, and candles) and the foods inside your kitchen! I always tell (and teach!) about the importance of eating and selecting foods of the season! Not only will your body naturally acclimate to nature’s natural production, but you will also find that when you buy foods in season (think melons, berries, carrots, etc for summer!) you will be saving money!


    • SERIOUSLY one of my FAVES! Because… who doesn’t love a good excuse to stock up on wire baskets and Target?! In all seriousness, get used to storing, PRONTO. First- let’s think about practicality. What needs to be stored? Winter gear, coats, boots, winter decor, and anything else you won’t be using this summer. Pile up your gear inside large tubs that will then be stored in the garage, shed, or under the stairs. Next, think about what you can store in an effective and PRETTY manner (this is where wire or woven baskets come in handy!) I LOVE storing blankets, pillows, and books inside either wire or woven baskets, as well as towels and wash clothes, and other bathroom toiletries for a fresh and feminine touch!

Now it is time to get BUSY, ladies! Show us your organization this summer!