5 Things I’m Thankful for This Year

Wow, Mommas! How is it that we are already closing in on 2018?? This year has been an absolute whirlwind for me and my family but I wouldn’t have it any other way! As a family, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs this year… from life and death to new adventures and big life changes, this year is definitely one for the books!

I thought it would be fun to share a little reflection of my peronal life this year as we gear up for 2019 and am a firm believer in creating space and time to reflect each year! It is so important to take time and truly acknowledge all that God has done in YOUR LIFE at the end of the year plus all the magic that comes from the holiday season makes the perfect blend for you to do so!


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Here we go, Mommas! 5 Things I am Thankful for this year:

1. The birth of our son, Brody James Blossom

This one clearly wins. Haha. But in all seriousness, Brody James has been the biggest blessing to our life EVER. Many of you know that Brian and I struggled with infertility for over 2.5 years and when we found out last year we were expecting, it was utterly life changing. Brody has brought so much joy and happiness into our home and to everyone he comes in contact with. He truly is such a special boy and has a smile that will light up the room. I have seen him light up complete strangers’ faces and he always brings brightness to my day and others as well! He is the absolute  joy of our life and I am so thankful that God chose me to be his Mother. If you are in a season of waiting right now~ please hold firm to God’s promises for your life! It will all work its way out as it is supposed to… you must have that faith, Momma! I am already looking forward to adding our next little bambino to the mix very soon! (disclaimer: not pregnant as of 11/18 LOL. Just thinking on the horizon…..)

2. Our new house

Brian and I were fortunate enough to live in his Grandma’s old house (which actually was the house my Dad grew up in… crazy, circle of life moment!) for years! It was a very small house and as our family began to grow, it was becoming harder and harder to fit everyone in. So…. we began our house search! I thought (being the first time home buyer over here girls!) we’d get a house in no time… but that was not the case! We ended up searching for a home for over a year, then OUT OF NOWHERE… my phone rang.

Me: “hello”?

Dad: “Jenni?”

Me: “Yes?”

Dad: “There’s a house that just came up, take a look”….

and from there… it was history! Within 6 hours we had put an offer on our house and on our home inspection walk through (which BTW was at 9am), my water broke (at noon), and to this day, we’re still trying to get all the rooms organized, decorated, and put together. ;) Our home has been such an answer to prayer and is such a beautiful space to cultivate life, family, friendship, and big, fresh cinnamon rolls and late night movies because that’s life and what we’re all about :)

3. A strong marriage

In a world that is ever changing and so dark, I am SO thankful for my husband (Brian) and our marriage. It makes my heart so sad to see so many marriages fail these days. Brian and I work very hard to make our marriage STRONG. It is my hope that we can provide hope and inspiration to couples both younger and older than us and to truly honor the covenant that God has intended marriage to be.

4. Tremendous growth as a brand and team at BMAB

Okay Mommas… THIS ONE!!! When BMAB first started, I was blogging on an old hand me down computer from my apartment, commuting 3 hours away from Brian each week to complete Grad school. My “blog” was my creative outlet. My happy place. A place where I could break free from the pressures of grad school and being away from my family. Well… fast forward 6 years and BMAB has grown into a leading maternal health brand, servicing mothers AROUND THE GLOBE. What?! You guys. I’m just a small town Mom with a heart and a mission to change the face of motherhood with an incredible TEAM to do this amazing work with! I may be the face of the brand, but there is an entire lineup of fierce, equally passionate Mommas right next to me who are working hard day and night to bring you everything that BMAB has to offer! I am so thankful for our growth. Our team. Our brand. The ability to serve YOU and to truly help you become the best mother you can be… THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity.

5. Health and Another Year to Live

So often we can take our own health for granted until something happens and we realize real quick how important it truly is. Not a day goes by where I am not thankful for being alive (we’re not guaranteed tomorrow!!). Showing up each day with this mindset~ honoring my health and life by living each moment to the fullest is how I am committed to live the rest of my life. I don’t tolerate negativity. I don’t tolerate complaining or gossip. I am so LASER FOCUSED on living my healthiest, BEST life and in return can pour so much life and health into those around me (like you!), my children, my husband, and community! Mommas, never take your health for granted and do everything in your power to create the healthiest version of yourself that you can! <<< Pssst…. that’s what BMAB is here for :)

Okay, Mommas… there’s my list! What are YOU thankful for this year?? Tell me below in the comments or over on instagram! Also, don’t forget! If you’re having a hard time living in a place of gratitude and find yourself living in a FUNKKKK~ please, go download a copy of this beautifully designed resource guide I created for you that will help you go from Grumbling to GRATITUDE! Once you grab your guide, let us know!! You can connect with me and other Moms who are on this journey to better MOM HEALTH inside the BMAB private Facebook group here!