5 Therapist Approved Ways to Monitor + Encourage Your Baby's Development

Helping Mommas like yourself learn healthy habits for monitoring and encouraging your baby's development is SUCH a passion project of mine! I know it can be overwhelming but I promise you ladies, it does not have to be! I work with many families on a regular basis as an occupational therapist to help encourage strong developmental skills for living.  Today, I can't wait to teach  you my simple tips and tricks for encouraging your little's development in a subtle and FUN manner! (You know I've always got something fun for you gals! :-) )

  1. Unplug and Connect with Your Baby.

    1. I know, I know... sounds simple, right? It sure does! But unfortunately, I see SO MANY FAMILIES distracted by modern day technology (think phones, tablets, tv, movies, etc) instead of truly connecting with baby. When you're with baby, try to make a solid effort of putting ALL technology down. Connect with your little by holding, singing, rocking, snuggling, cooing, playing, massaging, and talking with your babe. From motor skills to auditory, and everything in between- disconnect to reconnect and watch your baby BLOSSOM!

    2. Play is a child's occupation-support it!

      1. Isn't it cool to think that PLAY is your child's occupation? (Don't you wish it could be all of ours?! ;)) That being said, I want you to support your baby's development with developmentally appropriate toys for your child! Toys and games that don't include screen time are preferred and may include items like wooden puzzles, play-doh, rattles, building blocks, jungle gyms, sensory play, and more! Remember, when your kiddo is able to explore and play, he/she will develop a wide range of skills from gross motor, to fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and more!

      2. Implement infant/baby massage!

        1. Y'all, I can't tell you how amazing it was to become a certified infant massage instructor. You can learn all about massage, the benefits, and why you should be implementing it as a daily routine to help facilitate development, growth, relaxation, and bonding inside our pregnancy prep course!

        2. Use baby sign language as you talk!

          1. Signing paired with talking adds an amazing opportunity for your little to express and understand communication. Plus, it's fun and developmentally excellent for your babe!

          2. Let your baby explore

            1. Whether you are outside, exploring new toys, or experiencing a rise in curiosity, your baby WANTS to explore! In doing so, you will be encouraging healthy and natural development of the body and mind. So, Momma.... let it happen!