5 Superfoods to Eat while Breastfeeding

Blossoming Mommas! Welcome! Today's Family Health Friday Segment is 100 percent catered to ALL of our Mommas and Mommy to-be's! We've received a handful of requests for food recommendations to eat while breastfeeding within our Pregnancy Prep Program.

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Now..onto our lesson! Below you'll find a list of 5 superfoods that will help power BOOST your nutritional intake while your breastfeed, which will in return fuel both Momma + Baby! Get your notebooks (and shopping carts!) ready! And Mommas- be sure you join the Healthy Kitchen Club for delicious recipes, remedies, and educational videos that will help you truly blossom as a woman. Activate your membership + start your glowing journey HERE!

5 Superfoods to Eat while Breastfeeding

  1. Spinach + Dark Leafy Greens

    • A classic ingredient here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby and one that is key for optimizing calcium, and key vitamins + minerals. Throw a handful (or two!) into your smoothies, have salads, and sneak these beautiful greens into your main dishes for an extra boost.

  2. Lean Grass-Fed Beef

    • An amazing way to ensure your diet is powered up with iron, zinc, omega 3-s, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

  3. Citrus Fruits

    • Lemons, limes, and oranges are all excellent choices and can be used as an infuser in you water, eaten plain, or as an add-in to smoothies/juices. However you choose to get your citrus, your body will thank you for the extra splash of vitamin C!

  4. Nuts

    • Almonds, walnuts, cashews... the list goes on! Add a handful of raw nuts to your diet (given no nut allergy) to increase the "healthy fats" and protein in your diet (which will also help in your milk production!) As a general health precaution, if there is a history of nut allergies in your family, you may want to wait on any nut consumption.

  5. Dates

    • Dates are naturally sweet and an excellent way to consume calcium, iron, folate, vitamin A, K, and other essentials. Add a date or two (pitted of course!) to your smoothie for a sweet and nourishing blend!

There you have it, Momma! As a general rule of thumb, always consult with your medical provider before adding or taking away certain foods from your diet. We'd love to hear your favorites! Let us know below in the comments section or instagram (@blossomingmommyandbaby)!

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xoxo, Jennifer