5 Steps For Optimizing Fertility For Pregnancy

Ok, ladies! The cat is OFFICIALLY out of the bag! Most of (if not all of ) you know we are expecting our first bundle of joy this January! We are absolutely over the moon excited and so grateful to be blessed by one of God’s greatest gifts.

However, our little miracle wasn’t so seamlessly easy. We struggled for 2 years getting pregnant. The ups and downs, negative pregnancy test after negative pregnancy test. Intense emotions and sad mornings. I felt it all and I know what you may be going through right now in preparation for your little one.

Over the course of 2 years and with my professional and medical background, I have carefully curated a beautiful course to help prepare and optimize women’s (just like yourself) chance of conception.

Now, hear me when I say this is not a cure. This is not THE ANSWER. This is not coming from a medical doctor. Specifically, I am teaching you how to clean up your nutrition, your home, your exercise/fitness routine, and energy, to prepare your body to house a baby.

This course (our pregnancy prep academy), in combination with God’s grace, and our fertility doctor is what led to us expecting Baby Blossom #1 this winter. If YOU sweet girl are on this journey now, today’s blog is an AWESOME step in the right direction.

If you dig what you read, awesome. I’m so glad and highly recommend you pursue the next step in becoming a pregnancy prep student. The course is affordable, self-paced, and packed full of pregnancy, prenatal, and postnatal knowledge. Learn the details and get your pregnancy glow on HERE!

Now, onto today’s lesson: 5 Steps For Optimizing Fertility For Pregnancy

The below tips come directly from our pregnancy prep academy. (Join Here!)

  1. HEALTHY NUTRITION = HEALTHY BABY. Essentially, what you eat is directly impacting your baby and his/her future, development, and growth. Nutrition was the very first area I focused on while preparing for pregnancy. It was important for me to understand the nutritional breakdown of foods, the true meaning of vitamins and minerals, and to understand what was necessary to consume and what was essential to eliminate. As a general rule of thumb, it’s not time to gorge and pig out. On the contrary, it’s not time to skip meals either. It is truly all about finding the balance of adequate fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, and hydration. Focusing on nutrition during this prenatal time period is one of the most important steps you can take towards preparing for baby.

  2. Clean Up Your Environment. From cleaning products, to paints, makeup, and truly everything in between, everyday you are surrounded by chemicals that may be impacting your fertility. These harmful chemicals can be found in the air, in our home, in our products and unconsciously apart of our everyday use. As a result, it is vital that you understand the tips and tricks in creating and living in a “green” environment that’s as minimally invasive to your body. I want you to be equipped with the tools and skills to recognize and purify your environment before conception, so you can ultimately reduce your (and baby’s’!) exposure to ingredients that (with daily exposure) could potentially lead to illnesses, diseases, cancers, and can leach from your body and into the womb.

  3. Decrease Stress, Increase time with God. One of the most challenging “health pillars” for me when prepping for our pregnancy was learning how to control and minimize my stress. Multiple studies show how dangerous stress is to the human body, especially when trying to conceive. Being connected with God will help you remain calm and centered, which will also help your body relax and stay balanced- which is optimal for you and your baby’s development.

  4. Get a Hormone Panel + Supplement. This tip is HUGE. For many women, imbalanced hormones can actually go unnoticed for a long time, that is until you get lab work done. Being proactive about my fertility journey allowed me to see where my body was deficient and in working closely with my doctor, figuring out what I needed to be taking in order to find a homeostatic balance and an optimal “fertile” environment. The same goes for you, Momma. I encourage you to work closely with your doctor or preferred medical provider. See if your hormones, vitamin D levels, etc are ideal for conception and if they’re not, see what you can do to help optimize. Same goes for supplementation. Talk with your doctor about selecting a good prenatal vitamin (I use this one) and any other supplementations he/she recommends for you. When we were on the journey to conception, the supplements I used (note-check with your Doctor for your specific needs!) included: Bee Pollen, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and of course the prenatal as mentioned above.

  5. RELAX. I know, you probably dislike this tip… and I 100% know how it feels to have EVERY SINGLE PERSON tell you, “oh sweetie, you just need to relax. As soon as you relax, you’ll start having kids”. Ladies, I have heard it all, but come to think of it… there is HUGE truth to this concept. When you learn to let go of your journey and truly surrender to what God has planned for your life, your body will naturally do its thing. Seriously. Relax. Give it to God. Prepare for your baby the best you know how, and let God take care of the rest.

Alright ladies! There you have it! My foundation for getting pregnant! I hope it is a HUGE help in getting your mindset, body, home, and environment in the right direction! Remember, if you totally DIG these tips, you will absolutely fall in LOVE with our pregnancy prep academy.  It is a 100% self-paced program for you to learn the ins and outs of preparing for baby. Get on it girl! It may just be your missing piece! You can also join the discussion with hundreds of moms just like yourself inside our private Facebook community HERE!