5 Pregnancy "Must-Do's" for Expecting Mamas!

Hey MOMMA!! (Or should we say soon-to-be Momma?! Either way… today’s article is to die for and one that you will need to print off (or write down!), as it will LITERALLY have your preggo prep game like  !! Every Monday I looooooove to write about a topic in regards to pregnancy/baby and your health! Really, this is cultivated from our Pregnancy Prep Program.  Ok, sister. Here are your 5 PREGNANT MUST-DOS For Expecting Mamas! (PS- how AHHDORABLE is our executive director, Courtney in this shot!? AH! Court! You are such a babe!)

5 PREGNANT MUST-DOS For Expecting Mamas: (Therapist Approved!)

Check your Nutrition + Supplementation!

This is SO important, sister! Why? Because YOU are now the lifeline for your babe. Essentially, everything you are putting into your body, your babe will absorb (at least a portion of the nutrients… or lack thereof!) What I always encourage my clients inside our pregnancy prep academy is to talk directly with your doctor on what your body needs in specific. In general, a good prenatal vitamin paired with an excellent source of fruits and veggies, carbs, proteins, calcium, and hydration is KEY. Keep in mind, your body may be deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, which may result in your doctor suggesting additional supplements. Bottom line, your nutrition and supplementation is SO important during pregnancy. It is not an excuse to “eat like a pig, consuming junk food and sweets 24/7”, but rather an opportunity for you to tune into your body- what your craving and what you are having aversions to, then creating a meal plan that is going to serve you (and your little best).

Listen to your Body

From extra sleep to exercise and everything in between- your body is FULL of wisdom and will tell you EXACTLY what you need. If you are used to going a MILLION miles an hour, this may be a good time to scale back a bit. Rest when you need rest. Implement a safe, doctor approved exercise routine (if able) and use these sacred 9 months to honor the miracle growing inside of you!

Start Planning!

From maternity leave, home organization, nursery planning, and more- your life is about to change for the better and there truly is no better time than right now to start planning. Many women also call this period “nesting” which I TOTALLY LOVE. Learn the ins and outs of planning, nesting, and organizing during each stage of your pregnancy HERE!

Discover what kind of Mom you want to be!

This may just be one of my favorite tips for you! Instead of letting society and social media determine what kind of Mom you are going to be, I want you to use this time before baby comes to sharpen your skills as a mother. Learn through books, podcasts, family, friends, and mentors. Pray to God asking Him to reveal His will and truth for your life and role as a mother. Be intentional with your parenting. Cultivate love, nourishment, kindness, Godliness, and gentleness to your children. Discover who God is calling you to be and truly BLOSSOM into that role, Momma!

Finally…. RELAX.

Pregnancy can be a period of anxiousness, excitement, fear, and joy…. (and everything else in between)! As women (especially now with increased hormones ) it can be hard to not let emotions run our day to day. From nausea to fatigue, designing a nursery and preparing to expand your family, change is everywhere. BUT- change is amazing. Embrace it. Relax and enjoy this amazing, God-filled journey! You will never get this day or week of your pregnancy back (EVER). EMBRACE the good, hard, messy days, and the days that seem like perfection. Both are beautiful and both combine together to create the journey that is laid out before you. Relax. Enjoy. Celebrate. Rejoice!

I hope you loved this post, Momma! Remember, you are an amazing, powerful woman who is on a mission to raise amazing children! You can do this. Take one day at a time. And remember, if you need extra support or knowledge in prepping for Babe, please come discover our Pregnancy Prep Academy! You will LUUUHVE! You can also prepare more efficiently for your pregnancy with healthy recipes, remedies, health seminars and more inside our Abundant Motherhood Club! XOXO FOR NOW!