5 Pregnancy Must-Do's for Expecting Mamas!

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Mommas who are expecting!!! WAHOOWOO!!! We are SO excited for you!! Anytime a lovely lady inside the #blossomtbefit community is “expecting,” we LITERALLY jump for joy!! Babies are SUCH a gift, girls! Never forget that! Just wait until our Baby Blossom minions arrive and takeover here at Blossom To Be Fit….. Oh, sister… it is HAPPENING!

Today, we have put together a GORGE spread for all Mommas who are carrying a bundle! This post was an absolute BLAST to write for you, ladies! Especially for all of our Mommas inside our pregnancy prep course!


{PS: if you’re preggo…. you need to learn all things pregnancy prep HERE!}

5 Pregnancy Must-Do’s for Expecting Mamas!

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  • Prenatal Supplements! Ladies, prenatal vitamins are SO important for the development of your baby and for providing both Momma + babe with essential vitamins and nutrients. In addition, pairing your prenatal vitamins with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, proteins, healthy carbs, and hydration is KEY for nourishment and a healthy pregnancy. Be sure to work directly with your doctor to decide on which prenatal is best for you and your body. I personally take The Honest Company Prenatal Vitamins! PS- for a essential nutritional breakdown during your prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal stage, click HERE!

  • Belly Butter. Ahh, y’all know I am ALL about that massage! In all seriousness, belly butter is a fantastic way for you to find relief from stretch marks and also enjoy the soothing benefits of a couples massage (….more like your husband gently massing your belly and possibly your feet ;)… hey, you’re pregnant, it’s a good excuse!) Finding a good, natural belly-butter is KEY, my loves! Remember, organic is best. Why? You know I preach this inside our mommy community~ “anything you put ON your body will get absorbed IN your body” therefore, making it absolutely vital to either make your own blend or find an organic brand. You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging without a little #Blossomtobefit belly butter blend, right?! ENJOY: Blossom To Be Fit’s Pregnancy Belly Butter For Expecting Mommas!

  • PREGNANCY PILLOW! These are AMAZING for supporting your belly and back; and is a product I highly recommend to all Blossoming Mommy + Baby Clients. Although there are many to choose from, these seem to be one of the most favored brands! Do you have a pregnancy pillow FAVE?

  • Bundle Organics. From Pregnancy teas to pregnancy juices… we LOVE everything Bundle Organics. No only is the staff AMAZING, but they truly do care for all expecting Mommas! You can find bundle teas and juices at target, their website, and AMAZON!

  • Belly Band! OKAY, girls! Many of you have asked which brand to choose… so I would LOVE to hear your expert advice! These bands rank high on Amazon and it truly does depend on your preference and support needed! Regardless, some type of belly band is excellent for additional support for you and baby!

What are some of your pregnancy must-haves?! Let us know on social media @blossomtobefit or below! And don’t forget! If this blog post was helpful, please share with your fellow Momma friends!



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