5 Natural Home Remedies For Coughs

Got a case of the coughs in your household? If you don't.... the season is upon us! There is NO better time than right now to prepare your house with natural remedies to combat the common cough. Let's get to it! But first... the facts. The common cough is a natural way for the body to rid irritants, foreign particles, and mucus out of our system (sounds glam... right? ;) ) Most coughs should reside within a few days or week(s). However, if you are experiencing a chronic cough, be sure to chat with your doctor, as more serious tests may need to be implemented.

Today, I'll be sharing 5 Natural Home Remedies that you can create in your kitchen. These options are kid-safe and should help in providing immediate relief!

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5 Natural Home Remedies For Coughs

  1. Take a Hot Shower. As simple as it sounds, jumping in a hot shower will help to loosen up secretions and mucus. For an added bonus, sprinkle in eucalyptus, or tea tree oil on your shower floor for aromatherapy and essential oil power!

  2. Hot Licorice Tea. Licorice tea (one of my absolute favorites!) is an excellent blend that helps soothe the throat and reduces the coughing.

  3. Use Throat Drops. Be mindful when selecting your cough drops. Look for pure, natural brands, or make your own with our recipe HERE.

  4. Honey! Honey aids in reducing mucus buildup, soothes the throat, and is packed with antioxidants and other powerful properties that help to facilitate healing. All you'll need is 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey. Eat plain or pair with warm almond milk. Do not eat honey if you have a bee allergy. Do not feed honey to any children under the age of one.

  5. Pot Boil or Humidifier. Whether you use a pot boil or humidifier, (affiliate) both are key players in keeping the air in your home moist and your throat less irritated. For a pot boil, simply pour water into a pot, bring to boil and place head over steam. Be careful not to burn yourself. I typically will drape a dish towel over my head and then place my head over the boiling pot of water, inhaling the steam. Bonus Tip: Mold LOVES moist areas. Make sure you clean out your humidifier after each use in order to help prevent harmful mold buildup.

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