4 "Must-Do!" Healthy Activities For Kids This Fall

With the leaves turning, pumpkin spice making its official appearance, and crisp autumn air, you know this means ONE THING.... FALL HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! Okay, so  maybe it isn't a news flash, regardless, you're about to embark on a healthy and fun read today-- helping you discover creative ways to stay active as a family this Fall! Whether we talk healthy fall recipes or healthy ideas for bonding as a family, we know you will be inspired to truly blossom this month! Speaking of... Abundant Motherhood Club Members, don't forget to checkout your recipes, healthy videos, and workouts this month! We LOVE seeing your Fall check ins!

4 "Must-Do" Healthy Activities For Kids This Fall 

  1. Cook Up Healthy + Cozy Fall Meals

    • Crockpots

    • School Snacks

    • Smoothies

    • Fall Themed Treats

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  2. Layer Up + Get Outside!

    • Rake Leaves (+ Jump in them... OF COURSE!!!)

    • Family Walks

    • Play neighborhood games (Kick the can, Capture the flag.. what are some of your childhood favorites!?)

  3. Look For Fall Themed Events

    • Visit Pumpkin Patches

    • Go Apple Picking

    • Discover Beautiful Fall Leaves + Collect them!

  4. Reduce Electronics, Increase Creativity

    • Limit exposure to electronics

    • Use Fall Leaves to Create Beautiful Fall Paintings

    • Develop a Sensory Bin (filled with corn and your little's favorite toys!)

    • Carve Pumpkins Together!

There you have it! 4 "Must-Do" Activities For Kiddos + Your Family this Fall! What are some of your favorite Fall activities? Let us know by posting in the comments or checking in on instagram using #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby! Also, make sure to download and subscribe to "The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show" on your podcast app to hear this article (and many more!) with flavorful narration and bonus tips!



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