3 Tips to Improve Energy Levels

Hey lady, hope your Monday is off to a great start! Even though momma life has me living on cloud nine, the frequent feedings and nighttime wake ups are definitely an adjustment. We all know that getting an adequate amounts of sleep is critical for our health and well being but there are certain seasons (HELLO motherhood) where despite your very best intentions it’s just not possible to get the recommended 7-9 hours per night.

I am pulling out all of my tricks to increase energy these days. Two years ago I shared a post with 5 tips to improve energy naturally but I want to add to that list. So today I am sharing 3 additional tips to improve energy levels when sleeping more is not an option.

  1. Get your stress under control. Stress can, especially when it is chronic, actually manifest as exhaustion and fatigue. By identifying stressors and managing the stress in your life you free up energy that would otherwise be spent worrying. Sometimes it can be difficult and/or painful to identify stressors. If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about this tip, consider joining my signature Grounded and Glowing Program where I help you break free from the past and awaken to the woman you were always meant to be.

  2. Say “no”. After years of being a “yes” person, I have come to realize that there is profound power in saying “no” without guilt to opportunities that just do not serve me. When I am selective about what I say “yes” to, I make my health a priority. Did you know that women are more likely to suffer from overwork than their male counterparts? We must remember that the only thing that can cure overwork is less work.

  3. Fuel your body. I touched on this a bit in my other post but I think it is worth reiterating and rounding out. Certain foods have incredible energy promoting properties that you can definitely take advantage of! Some the best energy boosting foods are: almonds, oatmeal, pistachios, quinoa, greek yogurt, popcorn and peanut butter. If you’re willing to get in the kitchen you can combine a lot of these foods into an energy packed snack like these delicious Triple Chocolate Quinoa Energy Bites!

Whether you are a tired new mama, full time student, overworked professional, someone suffering from an exhausting health condition etc., I hope that these tips will help you improve your energy levels so you can live the life you want and deserve to live.