3 QUICK Back To School Tips For A GREAT School Year!


Hey Mommas! Today we’re tackling ALL THINGS back to school because let’s face it… SCHOOL IS HERE and there’s NO better time than NOW to cultivate amazing energy for your children and your home. Below you’ll find 3 of my favorite tips for implementing this AHHHHMAZING approach to family life which truly will transform the way you approach (and live) throughout the school year (and let’s just be real… ALL. YEAR. LONG.)

Set Earlier Bedtime + Wake Up Times

Summer is BUSY. Rightfully so, it is easy for us mommas (and of course our kiddos) to be more leisurely around strict bed time and wake up routines. Hear my truth, Momma….the sooner you and your fam get back in the swing of your normal routine, the better! Try this~ implement earlier bed times by small 10 or 15 minute increments every other day until you have your kiddos back on track. This approach TOTALLY prevents having to go cold turkey the first day of school which can be BRUTAL.

I also want you to help your kids develop a sense of excitement and responsibility as another school year approaches. If your littles (or not so littles) struggle with an early bedtime or constantly put up a fight when transitioning from summer to school mode, educate them on the key role that sleep has for growth, thinking, attitudes, and wellbeing for the next day!

Morning Routines are a MUST!

I know, I know…. mornings can be hectic, but they don’t HAVE to be…seriously!! Start easing back into a morning routine that works for YOU (yes, momma, you’ve got homework here, too!!). The more established you are with your mornings, the easier it will be for weekday mornings to run smoothly.#helloCOFFEE

Get Meal Preppin’

Whether this is your first time implementing a meal prep routine, or you’ve already mastered the meal prep game… there is NO better time to sharpen those skills than the school year. When you have healthy meals readily available, everyone in your house WINS. You all at better AND as a bonus, you’ll be saving a TON of money by not ordering out on the regular. Meal prep queen or not, you BEST be on the inside of our Abundant Motherhood Club!  As a club member, your meal prep will be taken to NEW LEVELS as you discover healthy, family friendly meals like breakfast, snack, smoothie, lunch, and dinner ideas that won’t disappoint! What are you writing for, Momma? Let's get busy in the kitchen together! We've got a FULL school year to tackle together! :)

What are YOUR favorite back to school tips? Let me know on social or in the comments below!