3 Powerful Ways to Simplify Motherhood (Your life WILL get so much EASIER!)

OKAY, MOMMAS! I'm 1 month into this motherhood journey and have so much to share already with you! Although I feel like I could write a million different blog posts on a million different topics (Literally! :)), today I want to share exactly what has helped me simplify and streamline our new life as parents.

I like to keep our house mellow, organized, and functional and know Mr. Brody and Brian (and of course our labs too!) thrive in this environment as well. My 3 tips are going to help you and your family get back on track with simplifying your days, routines, and decisions... which you will LOVE!

Enjoy, ladies!

3 Powerful Ways to Simplify Motherhood (Your life WILL get so much EASIER!)

Get a Calendar and PLAN EVERYTHAAANG

Am I right or am I right?! Girls, this is an absolute MUST in your daily routines! Everything from your meal menus, appointments, kid's activities, date nights, church, and other outings.. it ALL needs to go on the calendar. When your activities are written down and scheduled, things don't fall through the cracks. For your meals, use a cute chalkboard and jazz up your week in style by writing out what you'll be backing for dinners and snacks. I always catch Brian glancing at our menus with our chalkboard (I picked it up at home goods)! Feel free to use a digital or paper calendar (or planner) for organizing your appointments and other commitments. Whatever fancy's your noodle... GET IT GIRL. Planning Out Meals?? Momma, I got you! Make sure you're a Abundant Motherhood Club Member so you have access to hundreds of Blossoming Mommy + Baby's healthy recipes uploaded weekly to the site!

Purge and SNAP!

Raise your hand if you are a Legally Blonde fan like me?! If so.. you'll totally get my "bend and snap" reference LOL. Anyways, back to it. I literally want you to purge your house. This has been a HUGE lesson for me as we gear up to move into our new home (I'm posting a lot about this over on Instagram!) and can't believe how much it has opened up space and energy in our home! So, here's what I want you to do.. clean out everything. Start small, obviously. Take one room at a time, whether it's your bedroom, the kid's room, the bathroom, kitchen, dressers... I don't care where you start, just start somewhere. Get rid of anything and everything that's not serving you or your family. Then, donate or sell. Now.. for the SNAP part of it... Everything you are keeping needs to have an organized home. Lately, I've been OBSESSED with storage bins, wire baskets, totes that "snap" shut, and y'all... you get my point! Everything in your house needs to have a home. Period, end of story!

Lay off social media

This is SUCH a hot topic and I'm super passionate about it because it's my lingo. I LOVE social media when it's used correctly. Here's what I mean.. social media should NEVER come before your family or children. For me, I personally structure my day so that I'm only checking in online including emails, clients, and my social channels a certain amount of times per day. I do not have any notifications turned on to my phone and I never start or end my day with my phone. It's a priority in our house and it should be in yours too! Have social boundaries, my friends. Less social media, more family time. Be present with your children and your husband, you will never get these years back! Plus, the added pressures of social media and the crazy "perfectionism" era can cause added stress and anxiety to your day and mindset.

You've got this, Mommas and I'm always here for you cheering you on! Make sure you're on the inside of my private Facebook group here and don't forget to connect with my audibly on The Blossoming Mommy + Baby Show (just download + subscribe to the show on your podcast app)