How to create a budget friendly (and FUN!) reading nook for your kids! 

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Hey there Momma! I’m so excited to kick off a BRAND NEW SERIES here at BMAB called “Momma’s HOW-TO”! Every month I’ll be sharing one how-to hack with you in order to inspire more creativity and confidence in YOUR motherhood! I’m so excited to share more hands-on ideas with you, Mommas! Let’s dive right in, shall we?! 

This month most kids are heading back to school (unless you have littles like me :) ), so in honor of back to school month, I’m sharing my best secrets for creating a budget friendly and fun reading nook for your children! 

Brody absolutely LOVES books and reading so I thought it would be fun to create him a little space of his own to cozy up and read away! My budget for this project was $150 but the amount of joy and excitement this new corner brings Brody is PRICELESS!! 

What you’ll need: 

  • Circle rug 

  • Toddler chair 

  • Pillow 

  • Throw blanket 

Step 1: Choose a circle rug.

This will be your base and anchor. The best place to get a circle rug is either Amazon or Target. Look for a design or texture that fits well in your kiddo’s room! PS- the rug can TOTALLY be square. I’m just into circle rugs these days! :)

(Here is the rug I choose for Brody)

Step 2: Choose a toddler chair.

Once you’ve got your rug, it’s now time for you to pick out the chair! SO FUN!!! If you’re kiddo is old enough, have him/her help pick out the chair or color. Just remember that the color and style should be comfortable, the right size, and should match the theme of the room. 

(Here is the chair I choose for Brody)

Step 3-4: Choose a complimenting pillow and throw blanket.

Now it’s time to accessorize the chair! Pillows are a great way to play with different patterns (Brody obviously loves dinosaurs!) so be sure to play up your kid's favorite patterns, colors, animals, or characters. A throw blanket is totally optional, but for us in Alaska, it’s pretty much a non-negotiable! ;) 

(Here is the chair pillow and blanket I choose for Brody)

Alright, Momma! You’ve got a fun little reading nook to build! Be sure to keep me posted on instagram so I can see how your reading nook building goes! 

Rooting you on, ALWAYS!! 

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